Music and Musicians

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9 класс.

Тема : Music and Musicians.”


Познавательный аспект – знакомство с музыкальной жизнью Великобритании, творчеством композиторов, музыкантов, исполнителей англоязычных стран в различных музыкальных жанрах;
Развивающий аспект – развитие личностной активности, способностей логически излагать, развитие умений сравнивать, анализировать и т.д.
Воспитательный аспект – воспитание уважительного и толерантного отношения к британской культуре.
Учебный аспект – развитие умения говорить как в диалогической, так и монологической форме.
Сопутствующая задача – развитие умения читать с полным пониманием прочитанного.
Речевой материал – грамматический: употребление Ving вместо Infinitive, употребление фраз can’t help, can’t give up.

I. Оргмомент.

Teacher: Dear friends! Can you think of a day without music? There is music everywhere: at home, in a concert hall, in parks, at the seaside and in the cars. People listen to music, they dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments. But what is the music? It is an art which reflects life. Music reflects people’s ideas and emotions. When we speak about music older generations mean classical music, and younger generation means pop and rock music.

And now close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a pleasant place. What type of music do you hear?

( Учащимся дается звукозапись группы «Beatles» композиция «Michelle»).

Tell me please, can you think of a day without music?

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

What is your favourite musical instrument? Can you play it?

Pupils answer the questions.
As you see today we are going to speak about music, try to compare different styles of music, listening to the dialogues and do some grammar exercises.
II.Основная часть.
Teacher: Well, let’s start our work with the following task. Look at the pictures, compare and comment on the following pictures. Make use of the following words and phrases.

(Учащимся выдаются карточки со словами, которые необходимо использовать при описании картинок)


Concert-goer, pleasant sounds, emotions, delight, pleasure, intellectual, excitement, powerful appeal, original, interpretation, lyrical, aggressive, long-lasting appeal, talented.

(Картинки см. приложение №1.)

Teacher: Before doing this task let’s read and translate the words from the word- box.
Pupils read the word in chain.
Teacher: OK, now who wants to tell some words about the pictures?

Pupils 1-4 describe the pictures using the words.

Teacher: Good for you. I would like you to work with the text “Music in our life”

Your task is to read, translate and then be ready to answer my questions.

( Pupils read and translate the text “Music in our life”. Приложение №2 )

Teacher: Now answer the questions:

  1. What do you think about classical music?

  2. What famous composers of classical music do you know?

  3. How does classical music influence your feeling and mood?

  4. Do you agree that classical music creates a special spiritual world for the listener which enriches his inner life and makes him happy?

  5. What do you think about pop music?

(Pupils answer the questions)

Teacher: Thank you for your work. I would like you to be divided into some groups. One group will speak about classical music and outstanding composers and orchestras in the world, the second one – about pop music and new styles in music.
( Pupils work in groups)
Teacher: It is well done. Let’s continue our work. You’ll get a list with the tasks. The first one is to put each of the following words and phrases in its correct place in the passage below.

  1. group; 2 – top ten; 3 – number one; 4 –recording studio; 5 – live; 6 – concert; 7 – stage; 8 – fans; 9 – vocalist; 10 – lyrics)

The second task is to match the proper words with their definition.

( 1. d; 2. e; 3. f; 4. g; 5. h; 6. a; 7.c; 8.b.)
Task number 3. complete the sentences using Ving instead of the Infinitive. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Task number 4. Make the beginning of the sentences using the phrases: like, enjoy, can’t help, hate and etc.

( варианты заданий находятся в приложении №3)
Pupils do the exercises.
Teacher: How clever you are! Ok, let’s check up your hometask. Your hometask was to learn the dialogues by heart. I’ll give you some seconds to look through the dialogues and then I’ll ask you.

( Диалоги находятся в приложении №4).

Some pupils answer the dialogues by heart.
Teacher: It was a real pleasure to listen to you. Thank you. I think it is interesting to know what do you call the people who play the following instrument?

1. piano Pupil 1: pianist

2. guitar Pupil 2: guitarist

3. drums Pupil 3: drummer

4. violin Pupil 4: violinist

5. cello Pupil 5:cellist

6. flute Pupil 6: flutist.
Teacher: What do the following people in music do?
Musician, conductor, orchestra, singer, pop star.
Pupil 1: a musician is someone who plays a musical instrument very well.

Pupil 2: A conductor is someone who stands in front of a group of musicians or singers and direct their playing or singing.

Pupil 3: orchestra is a large group people playing many different kinds of instruments and lend by a conductor.

Pupil 4: a singer is someone who sings, especially as their job.

Pupil 5: pop star is someone who is famous as a singer or musician in a pop group.

III. Заключительная часть.

Teacher: It is right. Our lesson comes to the end. Your hometask will be to find information about your favourite group. I think that you liked our lesson because I know that music is a part of your life. Today you know about it much more, I suppose. Your marks for the lesson are … . Thank you for your participation. Good - bye.

Приложение №2.

Read and translate the text.

Music in our life.

People all over the world are fond of music. There are a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them appeared long ago, and some are modern.

Let’s speak about classical music. There are different musical genres: symphony, concerto, chamber music, vocal music, opera and ballet. Classical music gives people delight, pleasure, partly sensual, partly intellectual. It is also a complex of emotions, excitement and at the same time., love for others and a desire to do something for people. When listening to classical music people have to combine all their feelings into one and it is happiness. Classical music contains the powerful appeal for listeners, it addresses both our senses and intellect. Some musical pieces are based on the theme of struggle of good against evil. This theme is very actual today.

There are a lot of outstanding composers and orchestras in the world. And you can listen to music by L. Beethoven, W. Mozart, B. Britten, G. Gershvin, P. Tchaikovsky and others everywhere. Today one can also listen to original interpretations of classical music, because some people think that classical music is a complicated art and they want the kind of music to which they can dance or just talk to friends. It should be simple, cheerful and up-to-date.

That’s why many young people today are gravitating towards new rhythms. These rhythms help them to express their individuality. Pop is short for “popular”, and there has always been popular music. But until the 1950s there wasn’t a style of music just for young people. That all changed when rock-and-roll began. Since then, hundreds of styles and stars have come and gone.

In the 1980s such style as rave was introduced new styles such as rap and reggae have been also introduced under the influence of Afro-American culture. Rap music came from the USA, and is the form of poetry that involves chanting to a strong beat. Today it is common to hear rap on TV commercials as well as on the radio. Pop music is a kind of global language, a really unusual, exciting one , too. It cuts across all the barriers – age, colour, class, religion – and brings people together. It’s a way of sharing all teens hopes and fears.


Generation – поколение

Chamber music – камерная музыка

Delight – восторг, радость

Partly sensual, partly intellectual – частично чувственная, частично интеллектуальная

Desire – желание

Powerful appeal - мощный призыв

Struggle of good against evil – борьба добра со злом

To gravitate – тянуться

To involve – включать

Chanting to a strong beat – декламация под сильные удары муз. Инструмента

To cut across all barriers – разрушить все барьеры

Приложение №3.

  1. Put each of the following words and phrases in its correct place in the passage below.

group vocalist live stage number one
fans concert lyrics top ten recording studio
After “The Beatles”, the “Rolling Stones” have probably been the most successful (1) ______ in Britain. Most of their records have gone into the (2) _____ and they’ve had many at (3) _______. But their records have usually been made in a (4) ___ and I always wanted to hear them (5) ____ at a (6) ____ . I wanted to see them perform on (7) ____ in front of thousands of excited (8) ____ . And I did, at Earls Court in 1990. It was great. And Mick Jagger, the (9) ____ , sang all the old favourites. I couldn’t hear the (10) ____ very well because of the noise, but somehow it didn’t matter.

  1. Match the proper words and their definitions.

1. an orchestra a) a practice for a performance

2. a band b) a person who writes music

3. percussion instruments c) a person who plays music

4. wind instrument d) a large group of musicians, who often play

classical music

5 a concert e) a smaller group of musicians who play popular music

6. a rehearsal f) instruments, played by being hit (drums)

7. a musician g) instruments, played by being blown

8. a composer h) musical performance before an audience

III. Complete the sentences using Ving instead of the Infinitive.

  1. I can’t help (to watch this programme). It is very interesting.

  2. My grandfather can’t give up (to smoke).

  3. My friend enjoys (to listen to buskers). So he goes to the park on Sundays.

  4. She can’t help (to sing songs). She is a merry girl.

  5. I was mesmerized by (to perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony).

IV.Make the beginning of the sentences.

  1. ….. plaing the piano.

  2. ….. listening to classical music. She says it is fascinating.

  3. ….. composing catchy tunes. So he is my favourite modern composer.

  4. ….. taking part in school concerts.

  5. ….. evoking forgotten events and feelings.

Приложение №4.
Dialogue № 1.

  • Will you turn off the radio-set? I’m tired of this terrible sort of music!

  • It’s not so terrible as you think. It’s just modern. Shall I try another programme?

  • All right, will you try the programme of classical music then? It is quiter, more harmonizing.

  • Shall we listen to Mozart? It’s too boring!

  • You’re wrong! Itn’t it wonderful? I’ll be sorry when the concert is over.

Dialogue №2.

  • What music are you fond of?

  • I don’t listen to much rock and pop these days. I prefer classical music. Well, pop’s lost its direction, I think. Everything is controlled by machines and technology. Ten or twenty years ago there were real artists writing real songs – now all you get is synthesizers and dance music. It’ll like wallpaper, everything sounds the same.

  • And I think pop music is better today than ever before. There are the stars from all over the world – lots of different styles and images. It’s great!

  • Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don’t. I can’t understand why some people take music so seriously. Why to argue about which song is better? You can just relax and enjoy music, or not listen to it.

  • And I think, of course, there’s a lot of rubbish in pop music, but there are lots of pop stars, too. That’s the matter of choice.

  • By the way, I hear in Australia taped pop music is used to frighten the sharks off the public beaches. Obviously the sharks’ nerves cannot endure this kind of noise.

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