Music 10221, Notre Dame Glee Club mtwth 5: 00-6: 15 Penote Hall, DeBartolo pac

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Music 10221, Notre Dame Glee Club MTWTh 5:00-6:15 Penote Hall, DeBartolo PAC

Dan Stowe (102 DPAC;; 1-9457) (hours by app’t.)
Fall 2014 mandatory events (all at DPAC unless otherwise indicated):
Fri-Sun 10/17-26 Fall Tour (participation not mandatory, but highly encouraged)

Thu 11/6 High School Choir Festival, Andrews College Berrien Springs MI, c. 5-8 PM

Fri 11/14 Fall Concert 8:00 PM

Fri 11/21 Combined choral/orchestral concert, Sorin 200th 8:00 PM

Combined rehearsals for 11/21: 1) choir only (all 329 CoMo): Thu 10/9, 7-830; Wed 10/29, 7-830; Tue 11/4, 5-615

2) with orchestra (all DPAC): Tue 11/ Tue 11/18, Tue 11/20 (all 730-930)

Thu 12/4 Snite Xmas Dinner (time TBA)

Sat 12/13 Xmas Concerts 2:30/6:00/8:30

Football Saturday Pregame concerts: 2.5-3 hours before game time, library reflecting pool
To this list will be added other events as bookings arise. You will be given three weeks notice for any mandatory event.
Spring 2015 mandatory events currently scheduled:
Sat 2/20 JPW concert, JACC 8 PM

Fri-SatFri-Su 3/6-15 Spring tour (participation not mandatory, but highly encouraged)

Fri 3/20 Spring Concert 8 PM

Fri-Sat 3/28 10th anniversary combined commission performance (rehearsals prior days TBD)

Sat 4/25 Beethoven Symphony no. 9 with SB Symphony, combined choirs (rehearsals TBD)

Sat 5/16 Commencement Concert 9 PM

Mon 5/18-Fri 6/11 Europe Tour (participation not mandatory, but you should go if you can)
Attendance policy for Fall 2014 (pursuant to new rehearsal arrangements circulated by e-mail):
The only acceptable excuses for a rehearsal absence are illness, emergency, and scheduled class conflicts.

Excused absences must be made up. Makeup rehearsals will be held starting at 4:30 before every regular rehearsal unless otherwise noted, beginning on Monday 9/1. All members must make up each excused rehearsal absence within three weeks of its occurrence, or that excused absence will become unexcused. A member who accrues more than three unexcused absences (with three lates counting as one absence) will miss the next campus concert. Unexcused absences MAY NOT be made up.
The 4:30-5 rehearsal period until Thursday 9/12 will be devoted to the Glee Club standards folder music. Attendance at these rehearsals will count toward make-up credits. New members are requested to attend 2 of the 4 for these 2 weeks; returning members are encouraged to attend too, as we’ll cover material unfamiliar to many of them as well.
Glee Club Standard Song Folder, Fall 2014

A) ND Songs

Notre Dame Our Mother

Notre Dame Victory March

Irish Backs/On Down the Line

Hike Notre Dame

Notre Dame We Hail Thee

Here Come the Irish
B) Core Mini-concert songs


Halls of Ivy

Darkness on the Delta

Vive l’amour

Banks of the Don

Blow Ye Winds

The Water Is Wide

Bonnie Hielan Laddie

The Rocky Road to Dublin

Fogarty’s Cove

Danny Boy (Quigley)

Ain-A That Good News

Got a Mind to Do Right

Ride the Chariot

Swing Down Chariot

Daniel Saw the Stone

Hold On

Farewell My Friends

Old Time Religion

C) Additional songs




She Moved Through the Fair

Danny Boy (Isele)

A Toast/Bravo

Brothers Sing On

Folk Songs

Down Among the Dead Men Every Night When the Sun

Loch Lomond

Love Songs

My Wild Irish Rose

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

L'ultimo di de Maggio

Passing By


Coney Island Baby

Strike Up the Band

This is Some Lucky Day

The Elements

New Day

Long Day Closes

Beautiful Rain

Star Spangled Banner

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