Music & Music Technology btec nd reading List

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Music & Music Technology BTEC ND Reading List


Britten, A. (2006) Working in the music industry: how to find an exciting and varied career in the world of music. 2nd ed. Oxford: How to Books

Green, L. (2002) How popular musicians learn. Aldershot: Ashgate
Holmes, T. (ed.) (2006) The Routledge guide to music technology. Abingdon: Routledge
Huber, D. M. and Runstein, R. E. (2005) Modern recording techniques. 6th ed. Oxford: Focal Press
Hyder, R. (2004) Brimful of Asia: negotiating ethnicity on the UK music scene. Aldershot: Ashgate
Longhurst, B. (2007) Popular music and society. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Polity
Zantis, F. (1999) Handbook for sound technicians. Dorchester: Elektor Electronics


BBC music magazine

Computer music
New musical express (NME)
Pro sound news
Sound on sound


How pop songs work (2008) [DVD] BBC 4, 9 January
Seven ages of rock (2007) [DVD] BBC 2, 26 May and 2 June


David Bowie (1972) Ziggy Stardust [CD] London: EMI

Guns N’Roses (1987) Appetite for destruction [CD] London: Geffen
Nirvana (1991) Never mind [CD] USA: Geffen

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