Multicultural games

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Sports and Games

Resource List
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Other titles in series: England, India, Italy, United States.

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Also in this series: Sports.

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World Cup 2006

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Units of work

2005, International Year of Sport and Physical Education: Webquest. (Accessed 29/8/05)

‘The Asian Games – and the winner is…’ in Kiernan, Jan and Reeves, Howard (2001) Asia Counts: Secondary. Curriculum Corporation, Carlton, Vic.
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Includes a booklist of picture book and fiction titles on sports.

“Playing games and having fun” in Kiernan, Jan and Reeves, Howard (2001) Asia Counts: Primary. Curriculum Corporation, Carlton, Vic.

Students explore traditional games from Asia and play games that use Asian Languages.

Suggested websites


Traditional children games from around the world. A website from an American school mainly contains information about different countries. This particular section has an interesting number of traditional games.

Germantown Academy: Multicultural Games. A website created to resource a grade 6 unit. Includes games directory, research tips, and lesson overview.

Multicultural, Cross-cultural & Intercultural Games & Activities A small part of a big website of group activities, games, exercises and initiatives. Examples come from a section entitled Children’s Folk Games

Hands-on Mathematics + Multicultural Education = Student Success Part of the Multicultural pavilion website. Very good on cross- cultural awareness activities.

National Geographic website Interactive on-line games. Samples for students to design their own.

Websites associated with upcoming major sporting events

2005 International Year for Sport and Physical Education.
Commonwealth Games official website – Melbourne 2006

Educational materials
Commonwealth Games Federation website
Asian games – Doha, Qatar 2006
Pacific School Games
Olympic Games – IOC website

Olympics – Beijing 2008

Winter Olympics – Turin 2006
World Cup – Germany 2006

FIFA information

Other resources available for loan

Conglak boards. Mancala game from Indonesia.
Japanese toys.

Box of assorted Japanese toys available for loan. Includes tops, kendama, otedama.

Yut-Nori games. From Korea.
LMERC also has pictures, charts and posters of games and sports. The Mathematics from many Cultures series has a number of posters of thinking games, cat’s cradle games and other maths games.

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