Mrs. Valentine 19 January 2012

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Tiffany Gales
Mrs. Valentine
19 January 2012

Japanese Spiraea

Have you ever traveled to Eastern Asia and have seen all the beautiful flowers? Well you probably noticed me the most. I have not formally introduced myself. Hi, my name is Spiraea japonica. Every one calls me either Japanese Spiraea, or Japanese meadowsweet. Either one is fine with me! Anyways, I will tell you a little bit about myself.
The place I was born and raised was in Eastern Asia, specifically in Japan, China, and Korea. I also grow in the United States too. I grow in North America, partly in New England And the Midwest. I was introduced in that part of the world as an ornamental landscape plant and was first cultivated in the northwestern states around 1870("PCA Alien Plant Working Group - Japanese Spiraea (Spiraea Japonica)").I grow best in moist conditions. I also love water. If I am not watered most of the time, I will die. I am very high maintenance. The best time to plant me is in the spring time. Even though I am part of the shrub family, I still think I am the cutest one. The common pest, that I am so afraid of are the aphids. They are the ones that attack our kind, causing our leafs to curl and leave a sticky residue. Unfortunately, we do not last very long. We either get eaten by other insects or washed away in the rain ("Caring for Japanese Spirea"). We also impact people’s lives. I am usually used for foundation planting, hedges, and in perennial gardens. I can also be used as a flower decoration because I come in many different colors. I come in: pink, red, yellow, and white ("Plant Care Guides :: National Gardening Association").
All in all, I think I am the most beautiful shrub that you should plant. I can be used as a decorative plant, that is how pretty I am. I hope you enjoyed my life story!

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