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Mrs. Applin is a dedicated scientist who has contributed greatly to our understanding of Gulf Coast geology. She pioneered in the field of applied micropaleontology, and is still pioneering in the subsurface geology of the lesser known areas of the Gulf Coast province. Her publications are many, and her conclusions have been tried and proved correct. The geological ages and regional correlations of many sub­surface formations, which Gulf Coast geologists accept without question, were first established by this eminent paleontologist.

Mrs. Applin was born in Newark, Ohio, on November 14, 1895. She received AB and MA degrees from the University of California. She came to the Gulf Coast in 1919 and from then until 1927 was in charge of paleontological work for Rio Bravo Oil Company. It was during this period that she and two other lady geologists, Miss Ellisor and Miss Kniker, proved the value of Foraminifera in subsurface correlation. All Gulf Coast geologists, and especially the micropaleon­tologists, are greatly indebted to these ladies.

In 1923 Esther married geologist Paul Applin who had come to the Gulf Coast after studying at Dartmouth and Yale. They were blessed with two children who made out­standing records, proving that a career woman can also be a wonderful mother.

Mrs. Applin has studied the Cretaceous and Tertiary rocks and fossils of Mexico and the entire Gulf Coast of the United States, and she is an authority on the subsurface stratigraphy of the eastern Gulf Coast. She was a consulting paleontologist and geologist 1927-1942; assistant professor of geology at the University of Texas 1942-1945; and she has been geologist, Fuels Branch, United States Geological Survey, since 1944.

In addition to her professional duties Mrs. Applin has devoted much time to unselfishly helping many geologists better understand the correlations and depositional history of this important area. It is no exaggeration to state that Mrs. Applin, world renowned, has contributed through pub­lication, teaching, lectures, and stimulating discussion more to the knowledge of Gulf Coast stratigraphy than any other person.

Mrs. Applin is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, a member of the Society of Economic Paleontolo­gists and Mineralogists, and a member of the Mississippi Geological Society. She has been a member of the Paleon­tological Society, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Houston Geological Society, and the South­eastern Geological Society.



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