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present the exhibition
9 November to 15 January

at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Address: ul. Ostozhenka, 16

Vogue magazine has published a special issue: DANCE IN VOGUE, devoted to the opening of the Bolshoi Theatre's historic stage. This collector's edition includes numerous dance photographs specially taken for Vogue over the last 13 years.

The Moscow House of Photography Museum presents a preview on November 9 of the DANCE IN VOGUE exhibition, which includes more than 120 works by photographers of world renown – from Baron de Meyer to Horst, from Cecil Beaton to Richard Avedon, from Helmut Newton to Arthur Elgort. Many of the images shown have never been published.
From its first appearance Russian Vogue has paid particular attention to the theme of dance. This is only natural, since Russian ballet has become a symbol of the art of ballet and a gold standard of perfectionism in dance worldwide. It is impossible to imagine the 20th-century ballet or fashion landscape without the productions of Marius Petipa, Serge Diaghilev's 'Russian Seasons' and the choreography of George Balanchine.
'There has always existed a strong attraction between fashion and ballet that has often developed into passion. But the most important love affair of the century was between ballet and fashion photography. Prima ballerinas became arbiters of high fashion, stylish designers sought inspiration in the work of great choreographers, ballet artists created costumes for fashion shows and great couturiers designed ballets. Russian Vogue has devoted many articles to the theme of dance, from its inception. The main aim of the DANCE IN VOGUE project is to show the mutual influence of fashion and dance, and also the trendsetting role played by Russian ballet,' says Vogue editor-in-chief Victoria Davydova.
Annie Leibovitz, who has taken many remarkable dance photographs, once said: 'Dance is almost impossible to photograph because it is born from the air and vanishes into air.' But great photographers have proved it possible to capture the air in their lenses, with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sylvie Guillem, Rudolf Nureyev, Jerome Robbins, Diana Vishneva, Pina Bausch, Margot Fonteyn and other great dancers as the heroes of their images.
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