Morton, Grant, & Blackmore. American Journal of Botany 90(10): 1463-1469. 2003. Supplementary Data Page

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Morton, Grant, & Blackmore.American Journal of Botany 90(10): 1463-1469. 2003. – Supplementary Data – Page

Cynthia M. Morton, Matthew Grant, and Stephen Blackmore. 2003. Phylogenetic relationships of the Aurantioideae inferred from chloroplast DNA sequence data. American Journal of Botany 90(10): 1463-1469.
Appendix 1. Species used in rps16 and trnL-F sequence analysis, arranged by subfamily, tribe, and subtribe. The infrafamilial groups of the Flindersioideae and Rutoideae are those recognized by Engler (1931) and that of the Aurantioideae are those recognized by Swingle and Reece (1967). Estimates of the numbers of genera and species in each group are given in parentheses. Vouchers containing the prefix PI were obtained from the USDA-ARS National Germplasm Repository for Citrus in Riverside, California, USA and voucher samples are with C. M. Morton. Vouchers containing the prefix RBG were obtained from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Australia and voucher samples are with C.M. Morton.

Subfamily Voucher/source rps16 Genbank trnL-trnK Genbank

Tribe accession no. accession no.



Aurantioideae (33/210)


Balsamocitrinae (7/14)

Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa ex Roxb. PI539142 AY295268 AY295294

Balsamocitrus dawei Stapf. PI539147 AY295252 AY295278

Afraegle paniculata (Schum. & Thonn.) Engle. PI no accession AY295269 AY295295

Feronia limonia (L.) Swingle C.M. Morton 198 AY295273 AY295299

Feroniella oblata Swingle PI539720 AY295263 AY295289

Swinglea glutinosa Merrill PI231241 AY295259 AY295285

Citrinae (13/64)

Atalantia ceylanica Oliver M.W. Chase 1341, K AY295262 AY295288

Citropsis gilletiana Swingle & Kellerm. PI539149 AY295266 AY295292

Citrus paradisi Macfad. Kew 0345903403 AY295251 AY295277

Clymenia polyandra (Tanaka) Swingle PI263640 AY295255 AY295281

Eremocitrus glauca (Lindl.) Swingle PI539717 AY295267 AY295293

Fortunella polyandra (Ridley) Tanaka PI539731 AY295265 AY295291

Hesperethusa crenulata (Roxb.) M. Roem. PI539748 AY295272 AY295298

Microcitrus garrowayi Swingle RBG, Sydney 87285 AY295261 AY295287

Pleiospermium latialatum Swingle PI no acession AY295257 AY295283

Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. M.W. Chase 1767, K AY295256 AY295282

Severinia buxifolia Tenore PI539793 AY295264 AY295290

Triphasiinae (8/46)

Pamburus missionis Swingle PI539749 AY295274 AY295300

Triphasia trifolia (Burm. F.) P. Wilson PI539800 AY295271 AY295297

Wenzelia dolichophylla Tanaka PI277411 AY295260 AY295286

Clauseneae (5/86)

Clauseninae (3/76)

Clausena excavata Burm. f. M.W. Chase 1343, K AY295258 AY295284

Glycosmis pentaphylla (Retz.) DC. PI127866 AY295253 AY295279

Murraya paniculata Jack. RBG, Perth 853900 AY295254 AY295280

Merrilliinae (1/1)

Merrillia caloxylon Swingle PI539733 AY295270 AY295296

Micromelinae (1/9)

Flindersioideae (2/17)

Flindersieae (2/20)

Chloroxylon swietenia DC. M.W. Chase 1291, K AY295250 AY295276

Rutoideae (100/1204)

Ruteae (7/84)

Rutinae (6/83)

Ruta gravolens L. M.W. Chase 510, K AY295249 AY295275


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