More facts about Hyundai Motor

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More facts about Hyundai Motor

  • Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967

  • The stylised ‘H’ in Hyundai’s logo is a representation of two people shaking hands – a handshake of trust between the salesman and customer. The ‘H’ is slanted forward, actively to the right, rather than passively to the left. The oval around the ‘H’ represents ‘globality’

  • Everyone recognises today’s Hyundai logo but it hasn’t always looked like that. From 1974-1992, the early logo looked like this:

  • Hyundai Motor Company employs 109,748 people worldwide (to end of 2014)

  • In 1980, Hyundai exported to only 38 countries – now it exports to just under 200 countries

  • The ix35 Fuel Cell currently holds the record for the highest number of miles that can be driven in a hydrogen-powered production car on a single tank of fuel at 435 miles

  • The water emitted from the ix35 fuel cell has actually been used to grow vegetables on the ‘Fuel Cell Farm’ – the world’s first aquaponics ecosystem powered by the ix35 Fuel Cell

  • Cumulative Zero-emissions Mileage by Southern California Fuel Cell Drivers Surpasses 477,800 Miles to the Moon and back!

  • Hyundai holds Guinness World Records for:

    • ‘The largest tyre track image’ - measures 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) and was achieved by Hyundai Motor Company (Korea) at Delamar Dry Lake, Nevada, USA, on 18 January 2015. The message could be viewed from the international space station.

    • ‘The largest shadow projection’ - The gigantic urban installation art in Brazil was created to honour the passion of football fans across the world during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. It consisted of HB20 miniature cars which created a big shadow in the shape of a soccer player, reaching 15.7 meters in length and 8.09 meters in width.

    • ‘The largest Vuvuzela’ – created by Hyundai Motor South Africa – the 35 m long and 5.5 metre wide instrument was sounded at each the strat of each match during the 2010 World Cup

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