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Modern Talking


10 “A”

SCHOOL № 962

Modern Talking

I think that many of us know what is “Modern Talking”. And I think that everyone have heard such songs as “YOU ARE MY HEART, YOU ARE MY SOUL”, “BROTHER LOUIE”, “CHARY CHARY LADY”, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”, “CHINA IN HER EYES”. Of course, “Modern Talking” is one of the most successful projects in Germany. The group consists of two men – Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen.

Dieter was born in February 1954 in a small town OLDENBURG. In the childhood he had a dream – to become a musician. At the age of 10 Dieter wrote his first song and learned playing the guitar. In 1978 when he was 24 INTERSONG, a famous music company, made a contract with him, so Bohlen’s career started. For the first time Dieter had a lot of aliases: Steve Benson, Ryan Simmons, Joseph Cooley and so on. He wrote songs, sang and helped different young musicians.

He was handsome: blond hair, blue eyes and high height. Dieter was married twice, the names of his wives are ERIKA and VERONA, and the names of his children are MARK, MARVIN BENJAMIN and MARIELIN. Dieter likes fitness, tennis, diving, water skies, he is interested in cars, motorbikes, horses. He likes discos, nightclubs, drinking champagne and smoking…

Thomas was born in March 1963 in MUNSTERMAINFELD. In the childhood he loved to sing very much, his first stunt was at Christmas time: the boy played SANTA CLAUS in a program. At the age of 17 Thomas won in a competition of young faculties with song “JUDY”. Just there an alias Thomas Anders became, his real name is BERND WEIDUNG.

Many of us named Thomas the face and the voice of “Modern Talking”. He had a nice appearance: dark long frizzy hair, brown eyes, straight nose and sweet lips. Thomas was married twice, his first wife was NORA IZABEL BALLING. Maybe you still remember that Anders wore a golden chain with name NORA. They divorced in 1999, but now his wife is CLAUDIA HESS, their wedding was in 2000. Anders is interested in golf, tennis, animals, swimming and cooking. He likes an easy-going music but he hates heavy metal and discos at all.

So this two absolutely different men met in 1983. At first Dieter only helped a young singer with songs, but later an idea cropped up to make a group. In the end of 1984 Dieter wrote their first hit: “YOU ARE MY HEART, YOU ARE MY SOUL”. The history of “Modern Talking” began. They were together for 3 years, they issued 6 albums and 10 singles. When the contract had expired, Thomas started singing solo, Dieter created his own group “Blue System”. Unfortunately singers were not as popular as before. In March 1998 the world was shocked by the news: “Modern Talking” came back! ! ! Dieter and Thomas that got older issued new album “BACK FOR GOOD” with new and old songs. They gave many concerts in many countries including Russia, Moscow. And now they are together again, they make albums, film in clips and don’t want to part with each other.

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