MĖnuo juodaragis 2009 an ultimate fiesta on pagan island in Lithuania

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MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2009 - an ultimate fiesta on pagan island in Lithuania
The 12th edition of remarkable Baltic post-folk alternative festival "Mėnuo Juodaragis" (MJR) is summoning again to the green wild island of Zarasai lake in Lithuania - the heathen heart of Europe. Traditionally MJR will take place on the last weekend of Summer, the 28-30th August, a great season's end holiday. Evoking old traditions and presenting contemporary, living Baltic culture, the event will charm visitors with archaic and modern music, rituals and dances, arts and films, crafts and many good forgotten things.
Number 12 is very special in old tradition and folklore, so for this jubilee "Mėnuo Juodaragis" programme will feature an exceptional line-up with greatest artists from Lithuania and twelve European countries, including famous alternative scene names and new surprising discoveries! MJR 2009 will see independent collectives and artists of various origins and styles - post-folk, darkwave, rock, electronic, ambient, as well as old good pagan folk. During 3 days more than 40 bands and projects will perform on 4 stages on the marvellous Zarasai island.
The festival is honored by the legendary UK pagan/gothic rockers INKUBUS SUKKUBUS with charming vocalist Candia, Danish neo-folk classics OF THE WAND AND THE MOON with Kim Larsen, dreamy ethereal wave band IRFAN from Bulgaria, post dream-pop magicians DANDELION WINE from far-away Australia, as well as passionate folk-cabaret duet ROMA AMOR from Italy and dark ambient theatre BISCLAVERET from Poland.
Baltic neighbours' music will be grought by masterful Estonian folk-rock band VIRRE+ and Latvian authentic ad post-folk performers TROKŠNU IELA and BAOBABS. Also the main MJR stage would be stomped by furious folk-metal collective LITVINTROLL from Byelorussia.
And Lithuania will present the finest as well - exclussive premieres from Aistė Smilgevičiūtė & SKYLĖ, bagpipe and modern jazz group TYLOS LABANORO with most known folk singer Veronika Povilionienė, return of talented Rasa Bubelytė and even Lithuanian National elite chorus LIEPAITĖS. Also unique music from well known alternative projects - DONIS and Rasa Serra, living metal legend KATEDRA, ambient masters WEJDAS and GIRNŲ GIESMĖS, neo-cabaret sorcerers VILKDUJA, post-fokrers SPANXTI, pagan metal ANDAJA, electronic shamans DRIEZHAS, McKARAS, OORCHACH, SHNARESYS, also numerous ancient folklore exnsembles - KŪLGRINDA, GOŠTAUTA, ALE VA, etc., not to forget other tribal music and dance projects.
Yet Mėnuo Juodaragis is much more than just music. A vast festival programme unites exclusive solid lectures, ethnic workshops, traditional rites, art exhibitions, various creative and ecologic actions, nice film selection, hikes, sports, folk dances and DJ parties. For the first time the match of national Lithuanian sports - ripka - will be shown!
MJR is always eager to explore interesting actions and themes. The main theme for XII fest is a very strong Baltic mythological symbol of a Horse and rider. And historical dedication goes to the Lithuanian Past behind 1000 years.
Visitors from many countries are also welcome to enjoy friendly atmosphere, good beer, pleasing meadows, groves, fires, wooded camping sites and alluring clear waters of Zarasas lake.



MJR 2009 TICKETS price is 30 Eur (presale) and 35 Eur on the festival ground.

You are welcome to know more on the festival website:


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