MĖNuo juodaragis 2008 calls to heathen Lithuania again!

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MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2008 calls to heathen Lithuania again!

Independent post-folk festival, XI edition

The 11th edition of Baltic alternative post-folk festival "Mėnuo Juodaragis" is going to the beautiful Zarasai lake island again! The unique open air event, presenting many independent and underground scenes, as well as contemporary folk and Heathen culture, will take place on August 22-24 in Zarasai, North-Eastern Lithuania. The festival is an unique event with outstanding programme, great atmosphere and incredible location - big green island in the region of pure wild Nature.
On MJR 2008 we'll see many fantastic groups and musical projects - it's surely the strongest and most fascinating line-up in the festival's history! Main stage great guests this year include enchanting suicide pop stars SPIRITUAL FRONT from Italia, deeply mystical THEODOR BASTARD from Russia, well known neo-folk industrialists VON THRONSTAL and magic neo-classical violinist Matt Howden with his project SIEBEN. Also MJR performers will be as diverse as mysterious Italian neo-folk ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI, Estonian metal heritage LOITS or Latvian drums and bagpipe folk group AULI. From Belarus there will be folklore traditionalists ESSA, PRAGNAVIT and DRUVA, a project of OSIMIRA group.
The Baltic scene will also present the brightest - new programmes and album presentations from Lithuanian folk-rock group ATALYJA, ambiental DONIS, eminent pop-rock singer Andrius Mamontovas, composer A.Klova with VYDRAGA, and marvelous band SKYLĖ, which are cult artists in Lithuania. Heavy pagan front would be held by OBTEST and ANDAJA! And industrial, ambient, electronic, neo-cabaret scene will peal with VILKDUJA, WEJDAS, GIRNŲ GIESMĖS, DRIEZHAS, SPANXTI, etc. Not to forget ritual pagan heritage by charming KŪLGRINDA, and many other ethno groups and ensembles, who will perform on the new stage, dedicated to folklore and acoustic music. During 3 days on 3 stages MJR 2008 will present almost 40 groups and projects!
"Mėnuo Juodaragis" is much more than only music. A vast festival programme will present exclussive solid lectures, tribal workshops, traditional rites, art exhibitions, various creative projects, nice film selection, special fire show, excursions, sports, folk dances and DJ parties. MJR is always eager to explore interesting actions and themes. The main theme for 2008 will be mythological beings "aitvarai" (brownie, also kite). And historical dedication goes to the Lithuanian Resistence fight after WWII.
Evoking old traditions and presenting contemporary, living Baltic culture, MJR festival will charm visitors with archaic music, rituals and dances, also crafts' yard and many good forgotten things. And You are also welcome to enjoy good beer, friendly atmosphere, pleasing meadows, groves, fires, wooded camping site and refreshing clear waters of Zarasas lake. "Mėnuo Juodaragis" always has a nice suprise for everyone and it is the fabumous place to spend last days of fading Summer and great new starlit Autumn...

XI MJR is waiting for You to join the dance!


The ticket for 3 days - 100-115 Lt (35 Eur)

All further info and details:

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