MĖnuo juodaragis 2007

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Post-folk festival, 10th edition

"Mėnuo Juodaragis" (“Blackhorned Moon”) – one of the most unique alternative culture events in Baltic States celebrates its 10th anniversary and will take place on August 24-26, 2007. This three days open-air festival is dedicated to evoke contemporary Baltic culture, revive ancient traditions and present most interesting post-folk and alternative artists from various European lands. This year the festival will take place in a very special place – a green big magic island in Zarasai lake near sleepy Zarasai town in Lithuania – 160 km from the capital Vilnius.
As always, the festival will bring colourful and wide music programme, where almost all alternative music genres are presented - authentic folk music, contemporary post-folklore, electronic, rock, folk metal, experimental, ambient, industrial, other modern art forms – during these three days everyone, who is interested in dark music, will find some personal favourites. The wide line-up this year will include ALLERSEELEN (Austria), SIEBEN (UK), MOON FAR AWAY (Russia), SVARROGH (Bulgaria), THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT (Hungary), OSIMIRA (Belarus), PRAGNAVIT (Belarus), DONIS (Lt), LAUXNA LAUKSNA (Lt), ATALYJA (Lt), PIEVOS (Lt), GIRNŲ GIESMĖS (Lt), ŽALVARINIS (Lt), ANDAJA (Lt), KŪLGRINDA (Lt) and many others. The concerts will be held on two scenes, and the action will last all night long – the concerts will be changed by DJ’s parties, and those seeking for more romantic time will be able to join traditional folk dances by fireplaces. As always, spontaneous happenings and mysteries tend to appear during the festival.
The music programme is only one side of this festival – you will be able to see films, exhibitions, listen to lectures at film/ lecture tent, take place at workshops or archaic rituals at craftsmen yard, drink beer at outdoor caffe-bars, play at football tournament, and for the kids a nice kindergarten will be made. And if you have a wish to explore surrounding area, you can easily go by walk to a quiet, romantic town of Zarasai, or just have a very good swim in one of many lakes with clear water, surrounding the area.
The atmosphere of this festival is a very friendly and relaxing, so it’s not strange that people from many countries come to join this event and to have a very good time and bring back deep memories. Not a strange thing that the last edition of the festival has been granted as the Best Alternative Event award in Lithuania.
There will be a special camping territory to build tents and parking place for cars, and the tickets for all three days cost 70 Lt (20 euro). Come and feel the archaic power in modern times!

Place of event: Great island in Zarasas lake, Zarasai town
Date of event: August 24-26, 2007, start at 14:00.
Ticket price: 60 Lt (3-days ticket). From August 1st - 70 Lt.

More details on the festival website: http://www.mjr.lt

E-mail: info@dangus.net, neofolk@hotmail.com

Tel.: +370 688 19655 Ugnius Liogė

Tel.: +370 698 12461 Rūta Latinytė

Dangus / Baltijos Griaustinis

PO Box 3058, Vilnius 01001, Lithuania

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