Mitchell county 4-h achievement scholarships

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Dear 4-H’er,

Mitchell Co. Foundation has two local 4-H scholarships they offer, the Mitchell Co. 4-H Foundation Achievement Scholarship and the Fabricius Achievement Scholarship. Applicants can apply for both scholarships, however, applicants will not be awarded more than one.

The Mitchell Co. 4-H Foundation Achievement Scholarship is a scholarship worth up to $500 and is open to youth who will be continuing their education beyond high school in any subject area.
The “Martin & Josephine Fabricius 4-H Achievement Scholarship” is a

$500 scholarship designed to encourage 4-H’ers to continue their education beyond high school.

ABOUT THE SPONSORS: Martin and Josephine Farbricius were both graduates of Iowa State College, now known as Iowa State University. Martin received a degree in Animal Husbandry and Jo studied Home Economics. They were long-time residents of Mitchell County, being active in community and agricultural affairs.

Martin came to Mitchell County in 1933 as the County Agent. He was responsible for educational programs for adults as well as managing the 4-H Boys Club program. Martin worked in this position until 1936 when he moved to the banking business.

Martin served on many advisory groups for Extension and 4-H. He was a charter member and secretary/treasurer of the 4-H Foundation, a position he held for many years.

Josephine taught high school home economics prior to coming to Osage with Martin. Josephine prided herself as a homemaker as well as being active in 4-H contributing her expertise to Girl’s 4-H Clubs in the county.

Their support of Extension and the 4-H program has been strong and effective.
ELIGIBIITY RULES for the Mitchell Co. Achievement Scholarships:

1) Nominee must be a resident of Mitchell County and submit the application form by March 1 as instructed.

2) Nominee must have participated in 4-H and Youth Education programs offered in Mitchell County and must presently be a member of an official Mitchell County 4-H Club.
3) Nominee must be planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in the fall following application.

5) Funds will be awarded to recipients of the scholarship upon receipt of paid fee receipt and class schedule for second semester of their Freshman year in college.

6) Recipients will be chosen through written application and personal interview by 4-H Foundation Board members.
7) Recipients of the scholarship will be recognized and receive an award certificate at their school “Award Night” program.

The following will apply to the *Fabricius Scholarships Only:

8) *For the Fabricius Scholarships: they will be awarded to one female and one male applicant each year. In the event no one qualifies for one or both scholarships, the funds will be carried over and dispensed the following year.

9) *For the Fabricius Scholarships: Preference will be given to applicants attending Iowa State University, enrolled in either the College of Agriculture or Family and Consumer Science.
10) Plan to give a presentation during the interview. You should include the 4-H events you have participated in, trips, camps, leadership projects, etc… Also include why you are applying for the scholarship and how 4-H has impacted your life. Presentation can include power point, note cards and other visual aids.
4-H Participation/Service 40%

4-H Record Book 10%

Scholastic Record and Participation 20%

Interview & Presentation 20%

Goals and Future plans 10%
Return Completed Application by March 1, 2015 to:
Mitchell County 4-H Foundation

% Doug Krabbe

P.O. Box 59

Osage, IA 50461

(Be sure to include Club Leader recommendation)




ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP for Mitchell County 4-H’ers

Return Completed Application and Letter of Recommendation from Club Leader

by March 1, 2015

to Doug Krabbe, Mitchell County 4-H Foundation, P.O. Box 59, Osage, IA 50461
I. General Information

Name of applicant ________________________________ Age at time of application ___________

Present address ______________________________________ Phone number __________________

City _____________________________ State ________________________ Zip Code ___________

Name and address of parent or guardian ________________________________________________

Years in 4-H, including the senior year ____ Probable major ________________________________

II. High School Scholarship Record (to be completed by High School Principal)

Number of individuals in the applicant’s class at time of graduation __________________________

Applicant’s rank in class ______________ and grade point average (4.00 scale) _________________
III. Leadership Activities (please denote level at which award was received or position held -- L-local,

D-district, S-state, N-national – you can attach an additional page if needed)

A. Major activities, projects and offices held in 4-H:

B. Community or high school involvement outside of 4-H:

IV. List College Credits already taken if applicable:

V. Where do you plan to attend College?

Where have you been accepted?
VI. Plans for Future Beyond College

_______________________ _______________________________________________________

Date Applicant’s Signature

Instructions for Letters of Recommendation for the




for Mitchell County 4-H’ers
To the Applicant: With your application you must include a letter of recommendation from your 4-H leader.

  1. Contact and ask your 4-H Leader if they will write a letter of recommendation. Provide them with the following information: a copy of the scholarship rules, eligibility and criteria and any other details that will help them write a recommendation to support your application.

  1. This letter of recommendation, vouching for the applicant’s character and stability, should not exceed one type-written page.

  1. Be sure that your leader includes your name in their letter of recommendation.

  1. Your leader can return their letter of recommendation to you so you can include it in your application materials or they can mail it to:

Doug Krabbe, Mitchell County 4-H Foundation,

P.O. Box 59, Osage, IA 50461

  1. Provide them with an addressed/stamped envelope to send their letter to the above address.

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