Ministry Objective

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The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres 29 Cross Street, Boston, MA 02129

Vicar, Christ (Old North) Church 617-242-2284 h 617-523-6676 w

Boston, MA

Ministry Objective

To help communities navigate through the future to God. I value collegiality, compassion, and clarity. A diocesan or parochial community that values its history, hopes for a better future, and is open to new ways of incarnating God's love, would benefit from my leadership.

Diocesan Experience

2004 – present Dean, Boston Harbor Deanery, 1995-6 Dean, Mystic Valley Deanery, 1994-5 Chair, ad hoc committee on Deaneries - I serve as an extension of the bishop’s office, providing pastoral care and guidance to thirty clergy in Boston parishes.

2006 – present Standing Committee member, Diocese of Massachusetts, President 2010-11

2004 present Volunteer chaplain, diocesan summer youth camp.

1996 – present Diocesan clergy career counselor – I mentor clergy during job searches,

providing both vocational discernment coaching and technical advice about

“CDO” profiles, resumes and interviewing.

1994 – present Trustees of Donations, Chair, Social Responsibility in Investments Committee

1992 - 1996 Diocesan Council Member – I provided leadership to the diocese during a challenging transition between bishops. I helped unite clergy and lay leaders to reform the diocesan assessment canons, mandate affirmative action for clergy, and mandate a focused diocesan mission strategy.

1986 - 1992 Episcopal City Mission, Board – founding treasurer of the Pelham Fund, a low interest community investment vehicle.
Parochial Experience

1997 – present Vicar, Christ (Old North) Church, Boston, MA - a neighborhood congregation and national landmark visited by over 500,000 tourists per year.

  • Strengthened the congregation’s sense of Old North as a spiritual home through preaching, bible study, and expanded outreach.

  • Increased young adult ministry.

  • Reorganized church administration empowering an interfaith Old North Foundation to manage historic site operations. Increased combined church and foundation budgets from $900,000 to $1,500,000 per year. Tripled pledge income.

  • Successfully led effort to change federal policy to allow active religious institutions to receive government grants for historic preservation.

  • Raised more than $2,000,000 for historic preservation.

1991 – 1997 Rector, Emmanuel Church, Wakefield, MA – a suburban parish with a large day care center.

  • Revived congregation after involuntary terminations of their rector and interim.

  • Increased attendance by 33%, stewardship by 50%.

  • Strengthened pastoral care and adult education.

The Rev. Stephen T. Ayres

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    1. Interim Ministry Specialist, Diocese of Massachusetts

  • Served as an “after pastor” in three long-term and two short-term assignments, following the involuntary departures of the previous rectors.

  • Helped congregations move from part-time to full time ministry.

  • Helped a congregation decide to close.

1985-1997 Community Development Consultant, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Helped congregations and social service agencies develop and fund responses to neighborhood social justice issues.

  • Developed 11 apartments for the mentally ill with Grace Episcopal Church in Lawrence, MA.

  • Launched a community development corporation through St. Stephen’s Church, Lynn, MA.

  • Organized “Adopt-a-room” program to furnish dozens of units of housing for the homeless through Boston based interfaith agency.

  • Led graduate student field studies on two Native American reservations through the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

1982-1985 Associate rector, St, James, Oneonta, NY and Episcopal Chaplain to SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College

  • Led high school and college ministries.

  • Taught comparative religion at local colleges.

1980-1981 Associate rector, Christ Church, Springfield, Missouri

  • Led youth ministry and church school.

  • Taught comparative religion at Southwest Missouri State University.

Community Involvement
1997 – present Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Treasurer – BFIT, established through a bequest from Benjamin Franklin, provides college level technical training to low income students.

2004 Delivered opening prayer at the Democratic National Convention in Boston

2003 – present Schepens Eye Research Institute, Institutional Review Board.

2001 – 2003 Trust for City Hall Plaza Advisory Board

1997 – 2002 Freedom Trail Foundation Board

  1. Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, MA in Urban Policy

  1. Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, M.Div.

  1. Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, BA in Religion


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