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The Microsoft logo is a specifically designed form of the company name and may not be retypeset or modified in any way. Artwork for the logo is available as printed logo sheets and in electronic form.


The approved colors for the logo are black or reversed out to white. The logo should never be screened back, built out of four-color process screens, or broken into multiple colors. On Microsoft corporate stationery and Microsoft employee business cards only, the logo appears in gray.


Minimum size

The logo should never appear below a minimum size of ¾ in. or 2 cm. wide. Sizes smaller than that decrease readability dramatically.

Placement & Treatment

  • The Microsoft logo should only appear in a horizontal position.

  • The Microsoft logo may never be used to represent the word “Microsoft” in text, whether it appears in a headline, product-name logotype, or body copy.

  • The logo must always be accompanied by the registered trademark symbol ().

  • Use only approved Microsoft artwork.

Combining the logo with other graphics
The Microsoft logo never appears with any other symbol or icon (except the registered trademark symbol), nor is it contained within a box, circle, or other shape. Having one company logo worldwide ensures that Microsoft is recognized and understood consistently around the world.
Proximity to other elements
o properly stage the logo, a minimum clearance between the logo and other elements must be maintained. The cap height of the M in the Microsoft logo indicates the measurement of minimum clearance between the logo and other elements on all sides of the logo.

Logo Usage

Microsoft internal usage

We recommend that you place the logo as a sign-off device in the upper-right corner or the lower-right corner. The logo may also appear in conjunction with the tagline “Where do you want to go today?®” and our Web address “”. When using the Microsoft logo with any of our other logos, the Microsoft logo is always staged as the signoff and placed below any other logo.

Third-party usage

The Microsoft logo may be used only when referring to Microsoft Corporation. In addition to the color, size, and placement rules outlined here, third parties must also agree to the following terms and conditions when using our corporate logo. Any use of the logo that falls outside what is outlined here is strictly prohibited. For further information or clarification on third-party use of the Microsoft logo, please contact the Permissions/Trademark Group in the Legal Department via fax at (425) 869-1327, or e-mail
Guidelines for third parties

  • Our logo may only be used to identify Microsoft Corporation or Microsoft products or services.

  • Our logo may not be used in a manner that would imply your company is sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Microsoft.

  • Our logo may not be used in a manner that would imply goods, services, or Web sites provided by your company are sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Microsoft.

  • Our logo may not be used in a manner that would disparage Microsoft Corporation, its subsidiaries, or its products or services.

  • Our logo should never appear larger and/or more prominent than your trade name, product name, service name, or trademark on any materials produced or distributed by your company.

  • The registered trademark designation ® must appear in the upper right immediately following the logo. The logo must be accompanied by the following footnote: Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

  • You must use the logo as provided by Microsoft Corporation with no changes in the color or design. Camera-ready art is provided for reproduction purposes only.

  • Microsoft reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its trademarks or other violations of applicable law.

  • Under no circumstances can you use, imitate, or play off of the Microsoft corporate tagline (“Where do you want to go today?”). This tagline is reserved for exclusive use by Microsoft Corporation.

Accessing the Online Files

The following files are provided in Adobe Illustrator™ Encapsulated PostScript® (EPS) and PC BMP format. Use the EPS file for materials printed to a PostScript-compatible printer. Use the PC BMP for on-screen representations. The files may not be opened and edited, only placed (for example, select “import...picture”) into software programs such as common page-layout or presentation programs, word-processing software, and so forth.
EPS format is device-dependent, so the resolution of the device you are printing to is the resolution you will achieve. EPS images are sizable.

©1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

PostScript is a registered trademark and Adobe Illustrator is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.


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