Microcontroller: Analog Devices- sharc adsp-2126 Datasheet1,Datasheet2,Datasheet3 Package: 144-lead lqfp 50 mm bsc typ lead pitch- wg 22. 00 Bsc sq footprint: quad. 50M/144/WG22. 00 External Memory

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ECE477 Group 4 William McKenna

Major Component Sheet

Major Components for our Design:
Microcontroller: Analog Devices- SHARC ADSP-2126 Datasheet1,Datasheet2,Datasheet3
Package:144-lead LQFP- -0.50 mm BSC Typ. lead pitch- WG 22.00 BSC SQ

Footprint: QUAD.50M/144/WG22.00
External Memory: Cypress CY7C1059DV33 Datasheet
Package: 44-pin TSOP II 0.8 BSC, WG 11.938-11.735, L 18.517-18.313

USB Host: Cypress SL811HS Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller Datasheet


Package: 48-pin TQFP – 0.50 Typ. Lead pitch- WG 9.0mm

Footprint: QUAD .50M/48/WG9.00

Audio Chip: Winbond 64-Note Polyphonic Ringtone chip- W56964 Datasheet
Package: 32- pin QFN .5 BSC Typ.-WG (5.2mm x 6.2mm x 1 mm)

Footprint: QUADN.5M/32/WG6.20x5.20 – Found in personal library
LCD Display:

TQFP – Thin Quad Flat Pack

LQFP- Low-profile Quad Flat Pack



What is in the footprint name:

Quad + Value = Quad + pitch, M= metric

Number = pin count

WG = width between opposing gull lead ends, ie. Spacing between the two end leads on the chip

CTX = Center index

SMS,TMS = Surface thru-hole mount sockets

BSC = Basic Spacing between Centers

L = Length


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