Michael Mitchell Canada Is For Kids

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Michael Mitchell - Canada Is For Kids

Teaching Kit - 4th Edition (2012)
Such an excellent role model for children who today are in

need of a good, positive image. You confirmed just how

proud and privileged I am to be a Canadian.”

-- John XXIII Catholic School, Arnprior, ON

This Michael Mitchell – Canada Is For Kids Teaching Kit not only helps you prepare to host a show at your school but also provides you with a wealth of resources you can use to enhance your Canadian studies program throughout the year.
The Show
Michael Mitchell is renowned as the Troubadour of Canada’s Heritage. This award winning singer, songwriter and storyteller is on a never-ending mission to stir up some patriotic spirit in the hearts and minds of all Canadians through lively songs and humorous stories of our history, geography and some of the whacky quirks that identify us as Canadians.
Michael has given almost 5,000 of his popular Canada Is For Kids shows in schools throughout the country, and has travelled to some of those performances in everything from float planes to dog sleds. He is the former co-host of the CTV children’s program Story Time, and has also written and recorded songs for Sesame Street and PBS. The show features songs and stories of our Canadian heritage. Itʼs ideally suited for students in grades 1-6, but is easily adaptable to fit a K-8 spread.
In this solo performance Michael accompanies himself on guitar and is further supported by pre-recorded band track accompaniment, allowing him to present all songs almost exactly as they appear on the songs included in this Teaching Kit. A one-hour performance usually consists of 9-10 songs selected by your staff or students from the 25 available songs
Everyone is invited to sing along throughout the concert. The show is both educational and fun, and there is ample opportunity for student and teacher participation in a good-humored, dynamic, and positive atmosphere.
Michaelʼs show not only gives students a view of Canada and its

diversity but also fosters a sense of pride in being Canadian.

Students, staff and parents enjoyed it immensely. He has excellent

interaction with students. The teaching kit was great as well.”

- Davidson Elementary School, Davidson, SK

There are four main elements to this Teaching Kit:

1. Show Preparation Tools;

2. Teaching Resources;

3. Song Tracks for the 25 most popular songs from the Canada Is For Kids music collection; and,

4. Song tracks for four of Michael’s versions of our national anthem, ‘O Canada’ – English, French, bilingual and instrumental.

Show Preparation Tools
A collection of tips to help staff, students and parents prepare to join in on this celebration of songs and stories of Canadaʼs heritage and also do derive the maximum value from hosing the show. Most of these pages are designed for you to print out and distribute as you see fit. Feel free to edit some of them, such as the suggested media release announcing the upcoming show, to personalize them for your school.

Teaching Resources

The 1-page, two-sided 8.5” x 14” reproducible lyric sheet includes the words for the 25 select songs included in this package. Feel free to reproduce them so any student can have their own collection of Canadiana songs for use in the classroom, at home or even at the concert.


A short history of Canadaʼs national anthem plus printable posters with the lyrics in English and French, a music chart and four recordings of the anthem in English, French, bilingual and instrumental versions. A great classroom tool.


Music charts and background information for all 40 songs in the complete 3-volume Canada Is For Kids CD collection.


Reproducible Canadiana colouring images that relate to many themes from the songs. There are also electronic colouring images that can be coloured on your computers.


One of Michael Mitchellʼs most popular childrenʼs songs is crafted into an animated cartoon that helps kids learn about the significance of the images found on the most common Canadian coins.


Use these student notes in conjunction with the songs to teach older students about the history and significance of folk music in Canada.


Electronic and printable Canadiana games and puzzles for people of all ages.

25 Music Files
We have enclosed 25 of the most popular songs from the 40-song Canada Is For Kids music collection (sold separately as Canada Is for Kids, Volumes 1, 2, and 3) in mp3 format. You can make copies of any or all of the songs that you would like to distribute to classrooms to help them prepare for the concert.

O Canada’

We have included four music files featuring Michael’s versions of ‘O Canada’ – English, French, bilingual and instrumental. You can use these to diversify the ones you might normally broadcast during morning exercises. Match them up with the other ‘O Canada’ resources found in this Teaching Kit.

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