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Principal, Bumgardner Biological Consulting

Mr. Bumgardner has over 20 years of experience with the terrestrial vertebrates, invertebrates, and flora of North, Central, and South America; Asia; Africa; and western Europe. He also has over 18 years of experience in the management and preparation of environmental documents that comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Rules of Procedure, Federal Endangered Species Act (FESA), and California Endangered Species Act (CESA). He has extensive experience in the coordination and preparation of biological resource assessments, impact assessments, management plans, mitigation programs, and habitat conservation planning and permitting associated with special-status species.


  • Experienced with the statutory requirements and guidelines for federal Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultations, Section 10(a)(1)(B) incidental take permits, Section 10(a)(1)(A) safe harbor agreements, and California Fish and Game Code Section 2081 management agreements and Section 2080.1 consistency determinations.

  • Experienced in the preparation of biological assessments and conservation strategies for state and federal threatened and endangered species and other special-status species.

  • Managed and conducted surveys for species including, but not limited to: valley elderberry longhorn beetle, California tiger salamander, arroyo toad, western spadefoot, mountain yellow-legged frog, California red-legged frog, desert tortoise, western pond turtle, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, giant garter snake, San Joaquin kit fox, California clapper rail, spotted owl, northern goshawk, burrowing owl, Swainson’s hawk, least Bell’s vireo, southwestern willow flycatcher, California gnatcatcher.

  • Experienced in the management and preparation of environmental documents that comply with CEQA, NEPA, and the TRPA Rules of Procedure.

  • Experienced with impact analyses involving sensitive habitats and special-status species, designing feasible mitigation measures to reduce significant impacts on biological resources, and resolving project conflicts with biological resources.

  • Serves on the Science Subteam of the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Recovery Team for the Santa Barbara County Population of California tiger salamander.

  • Served as guest lecturer for course on Ecological Methods (Sierra Community College) and Conservation Biology (California State University - Sacramento).


B.S., Zoology, June 1980, University of California at Davis, California


Federal Scientific Take Permit No. TE-785564-6 for California Gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californca), Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax trailii extimus), California Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus), and California Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma californiense)

California Department of Fish and Game Scientific Collector’s Permit #801214-01 and Letter of Agreement for Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus), Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax trailii), California Gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californca), California Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis coturniculus), and California Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus)
State and Federal Endangered Species Act Compliance

New Irvington Tunnel Project Endangered Species Monitoring, Hatch Mott MacDonald and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

South Sacramento County Habitat Conservation Plan Technical Review, Pacific Municipal Consultants

San Luis Reservoir Dam Rehabilitation Project San Joaquin Kit Fox Surveys and Early Evaluation on 4,100+ Acres Surrounding San Luis Reservoir, North State Resources

Cape Horn Tunnel Rehabilitation Project California Tiger Salamander Drift Fence Study and Monitoring, CH2M HILL and Oakdale Irrigation District

Sespe Oil Field Endangered Species Act/Permitting Assistance in Regards to California Condor, Seneca Resources

Kettleman Hills North Dome Oil Field Blunt-Nosed Leopard Lizard Surveys, McCormick Biological and Chevron

California Red-legged Frog Monitoring, Salvage, and Relocation for the Marsh Creek Bridge Repairs, Sycamore Environmental Consultants and Contra Costa County Planning Department

San Joaquin Kit Fox Potential Den Surveys and Clearance for the Vernalis-Thoming 3 & 4 Aggregate Mining Sites, Teichert Materials

Least Bell’s Vireo and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys within Recreation Residence Tracts of the Angeles National Forest, Angeles National Forest

San Joaquin Kit Fox Potential Den Surveys on 2,700+ Acres within The Villages at Laguna San Luis SUDP, Berryman Ecological LLC

Review of Coachella Valley Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan and EIR/EIS (particularly for Peninsular Bighorn Sheep), Pacific Municipal Consults and City of Palm Springs

Review and Comment on Proposed Critical Habitat for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Southern California Edison

Soledad Canyon Sand and Gravel Mine Expert Witness Services, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler, and Marmaro LLP

Angeles National Forest Fire and Vegetation Management Program Endangered Species Surveys and FESA Compliance, North State Resources, Inc.

Northwest Casmalia Enhanced Oil Recovery Project California Tiger Salamander and California Red-legged Frog Habitat Assessment and Endangered Species Act Compliance, Santa Maria Pacific, LLC

Zeneca Richmond Facility Saltmarsh Remediation Project California Clapper Rail Focused Survey and Habitat Evaluation/Impact Assessment, LFR Levine Fricke

White Paper on the Known Historic and Current Distribution of the San Joaquin Kit Fox in Eastern Merced and Stanislaus Counties and Western Madera County, Merced County

UC Merced/University Community Federally Listed Vernal Pool Crustacean, California Tiger Salamander, Special-Status Plant, and San Joaquin Kit Fox/Fresno Kangaroo Rat Survey Programs and Biological Assessment, University of California and Merced County

Milpitas Recycled Water Pipeline Project Passive Relocation Program for Burrowing Owl, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Natural Resource Management Projects

California Tiger Salamander Distribution Study in Southern San Luis Obispo County, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Tulare Basin Wildlife Management Area Planning Assistance, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Hansen Creek (Nevada) Biological Monitoring Program, Getchell Gold Mine

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Biological Baseline Database, U.S. Department of Energy

Environmental Baseline Study for a 10-year comprehensive plan that addresses 280+ petroleum-related projects in eastern Venezuela, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.
Utility and Infrastructure Projects

Aero Energy Tehachapi Wind Resource Project Assistance with Avian Issues Related to CEQA and Section 2081 Compliance, McCormick Biological

Biological Assessments and Monitoring for Various Projects on the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Delta-Mendota Canal, San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority

Avenal Energy Project Application for Certification and Endangered Species Act Compliance, TRC Solutions

Elk Grove Routine Stormwater Channel Maintenance Program Biological Assessment for Giant Garter Snake and Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle, City of Elk Grove

Habitat Assessments for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher at Southern California Edison Facilities in the Santa Ana River Watershed, Southern California Edison

Alba Phase 3 LNG Plant Preliminary Impact Analysis, Alternatives Analysis, and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Equatorial Guinea), Marathon Oil Company

Mill Creek 2/3 Hydroelectric Project FERC Relicensing Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Expert Witness Services, Downy, Brand, Seymour, and Rohwer

Santa Rosa Subregional Long-Term Wastewater Project EIR and Biological Assessment, City of Santa Rosa

Southern Nevada Water Authority Treatment and Transmission Facility EIS and Biological Assessment, Southern Nevada Water Authority (Nevada)

Echo Lake Dam Stabilization Environmental Assessment, PG&E
Mining Projects

California Red-legged Frog Survey and Endangered Species Act Compliance Strategy for the Gardner Ranch Mining and Processing Facility, Granite Construction Company

California Red-legged Frog Survey for the Bee Rock Quarry and Adjacent Drainages, Granite Construction Company

Day Creek-Inland Rock Mine Expansion San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat Trapping Study, West Coast Environmental & Engineering and Hanson Aggregates

Los Alamos Sand Mine California Tiger Salamander and California Red-legged Frog Surveys, Biological Assessment, and Safe Harbor Agreement, Los Alamos Sand Company

Williams Quarry Expansion Project Biological Resources Report, Resource Design Technology, Inc.

Madera Ranch Quarry California Tiger Salamander Biological Assessment and Draft Biological Opinion, Pacific Municipal Consultants

Ozena Valley Ranch Surface Mining Site Biological Resources Report, West Coast Environmental & Engineering

Santa Maria River Surface Mining Site Biological Resources Report, West Coast Environmental & Engineering

Diamond Rock Surface Mining Site Biological Resources Report and Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard Impact Avoidance Program, West Coast Environmental & Engineering

Transportation Projects

Analysis of Impacts to Willow Flycatcher Habitat from Emergency Washout Repairs on the Caliente Line along Meadow Valley Wash (Nevada), Union Pacific Railroad

Analysis of Impacts to Willow Flycatcher Habitat from Emergency Washout Repairs on the Clifton Branch of the Lordsburg Line along the Gila River (Arizona), Union Pacific Railroad

Biological Evaluations for 18 Union Pacific Railroad Bridge Replacement Projects in California, Olsson Consulting

Hill Slough Bridge Replacement Project California Clapper Rail Surveys, Sycamore Environmental Consultants

Union Pacific Railroad Yolo Bypass North Track Project Biological Assessment, Parsons Corporation

Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Lok Ma Chau Spurline (Hong Kong) Expert Witness Services, Denton Wilde Sapte (Legal Counsel, London)

Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Lok Ma Chau Spurline Environmental Impact Assessment Defensibility Review and Response to Comments, California Environmental Consulting Associates

US Highway 101 Auxiliary Lanes Project Wetlands Delineation, Natural Environment Study, and Biological Assessment, San Mateo County Department of Transportation
TRPA Projects

Heavenly Ski Resort Master Plan EIR/EIS, Biological Resources Surveys, Biological Evaluation, and Annual Monitoring Programs, Heavenly Ski Resort and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Golden Bear Park Master Plan EIR/EIS, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and El Dorado County

Harootunian Trust Land Transfer Biological Evaluation, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, USDA Forest Service

Department of Defense Projects

California Gnatcatcher Surveys for the Santa Margarita River Conjunctive Use Project within MCB Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station, and City of Fallbrook, North State Resources, Inc.

Brooks Air Force Base (Texas) Inventory of Avian Species, U.S. Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE)

Hohenfels Combat Maneuver Training Center (Germany) Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan-Fish and Wildlife and Threatened and Endangered Species Management Programs, U.S. Army Europe (USAEUR)

Andrews Air Force Base and Davidsonville and Brandywine Communication Sites (Maryland) Biological Inventory and Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan, AFCEE

Fort Leonard Wood (Missouri) BRAC US Army Chemical School and Military Police School Relocation Mitigation Monitoring Framework and Adaptive Management Strategy, U.S. Army

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service World-listed, and Portuguese Government Listed Species Surveys and Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (Azores), AFCEE and U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC)

Dyess Air Force Base (Texas) Threatened and Endangered Species, Fish and Wildlife, and Outdoor Recreation Component Plans of the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan, ACC

Vandenberg Air Force Base (California) Fiber Optic Cable Route Biological Assessment, U.S. Air Force Space Missile Command

Camp Pendleton Relocation of Baseline Road and Case Springs Access Road Habitat Suitability and Assessment for the Stephen’s Kangaroo Rat, California Gnatcatcher, and Least Bell’s Vireo, U.S. Marine Corps

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