Metalgate records proudly presents: revenge division the new generation

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The young band from Slovakia, mixing melodic death metal and thrash into an explosive concoction reminiscent of the Scandinavian school of modern metal, is around only since 2011, but already has plenty behind its belt. After releasing their five-tracks (and very well done) demo “Mediocracy” in 2011, REVENGE DIVISION scored bronze in the MetalGate Massacre metal bands contest, made it all the way to the finals of the Slovakian branch of the Wacken Metal Battle, or supported the popular American deathcore squad CARNIFEX. Now the REVENGE DIVISION rolls out its ambitious debut album “The New Generation”, which is released by none other than MetalGate Records!

On their debut, this uniformed commando deals with themes of media manipulation and propaganda, of the abuse of war and religion by the elites for their power plays. Built on distinctive melodic guitars, epic passages and fast tempos, this album also features an array of guests, including Alena Krákorová, the vocalist of the Prague-based UG black metal band NOCTURNAL PESTILENCE, and her soprano, or the patriarch of Czech Satanism, BigBoss from the Czech black metal legend ROOT, and his incantations. An insane ride, modern technologies, and the Devil in the backseat – that is REVENGE DIVISION!

The debut album of the death-thrash warmachine REVENGE DIVISION, entitled “The Next Generation”, is released by MetalGate Records in a jewel case format, and is now available on MetalGate e-shop, or in selected music stores around Czech Republic, the list of which is on our website.

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