MetalGate Records 2015 – deathcore journey into the depths of the soul The deathcore commando F. O. B

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MetalGate Records 2015 – deathcore journey into the depths of the soul

The deathcore commando F.O.B. from Tábor needs no elaborate introduction, as it has been navigating the waters of Czech metal for almost 20 years now. Two years passed since their last album “Reap what you sow”, whereby it is time for this warmachine to send everyone a reminder of its presence through the sixth addition into the band’s discography.

To execute this diabolical plan for the next batch of acoustic devastation of your ears, the band met in January in Prague with representatives of MetalGate Records, signing a deal for a new album, from which we brought you ample photographic evidence. Subsequently, the band retreated into their homely hell’s kitchen, that is, to the Tábor-based KOCIS Studio, where they successfully recorded the new material. Check out how that went in the just released studio report which you can find on the website of the band or of MetalGate.

That is all nice, but how about some details about the new album? Of course. The sixth studio album of F.O.B., which is simultaneously the third piece which the band released under our label, will be entitled “…and the foes have become our masters”. It will contain ten, shall we say, lyrical ballads in the typical F.O.B. fashion, including the song “Debts of Imperfection” which the band released in September last year as their new music video.

Themes-wise, the new album will cover a broad range indeed: from purely introspective survey of inner demons, over broader societal reflections, to truly profound ontological meditations on the transient nature of being, as well as on our marginality in the wider cosmic music of the spheres. All that is wrapped in a typical F.O.B. orchestration dominated by sharp riffs, clockwork tempo and contrasting melodic passages underscored by vocals alternating between growl and clean.

Graphic design is being taken care of by Karel Kříž, otherwise the frontman of Gorgonea Prima, whose figural psychedelics will be the right companion to the schizoid vibe of this album, and fear not, you will see the frontcover in due time, as well as get a taste of the new songs.

All things considered, the sixth F.O.B. studio album “…and the foes have become our masters” promises an intense experience recommended by ten out of ten sociopaths!

For more info regarding the album, do not thus forget to keep an eye on the websites of MetalGate and F.O.B.

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