MetalGate Massacre vol. 4: half-time of the basic leg The fourth installment of metal bands contest MetalGate Massacre

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MetalGate Massacre vol.4: half-time of the basic leg

The fourth installment of metal bands contest MetalGate Massacre continued Thursday, January 24, 2013, with its second basic round, bringing this time a trinity of competing bands, composed of metal band Like Fool from Hodonín, thrash-hardcore formation Seppuka from Český Těšín and Prague based hardcore-pop act Attack The Hero, to battle for votes as well as for the advancement into the semifinal leg. Indeed, only a trinity, since unfortunately, the fourth band, doom-death metal act No Belief from České Budějovice, was unable to perform due to a work-related emergency of its drummer, thus lacking a complete line-up.

Around 150 fans showed up this time, and of those, 140 cast their vote in support of their favorite band.

With what result you ask? The winner and thus the second to advance into semifinals was Attack The Hero, supported by 89 fans. The second place was gained by Seppuka with 43 votes and the bronze position went to Like Fool with 8 votes.

We would once again like to remind that nothing however is lost for those bands that did not win. The SMS voting for the contest Wild Card is still running, and through it, two bands shall ultimately gain entry straight to the semifinal rounds. Complete information about the Wild Card, including ongoing results and how to vote instructions, is available on the official MetalGate Massacre website.

The next item on the menu is the third basic round, which shall take place on Thursday, February 7, 2013, again in Prague based Matrix club. This particular battle shall pit ANIME TORMENT, SUNSET TRAIL, NO MISERY LEFT and SKELPMASTER against each other.

We begin at 20:00. Doors at 19:00. Free entrance as usual!

Come to support your favorites. See you there!

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