MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2015 – the seventh act of the same drama

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MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2015 – the seventh act of the same drama

The summer is slowly but surely coming and with it the next installment of your favorite Czech metal feast, MetalGate Czech Death Fest, which will cover once again three days of June, that is, from June 11 to June 13, 2015, taking place at the usual crimescene, that is, in the Autocamp Brodský in Červený Kostelec, and featuring a roster of 34 bands.

Given that MetalGate Czech Death Fest is in fact a fusion of two festivals, which entails a synthesis of two lines of dramaturgy, you can once again forget any monothematic focus music-wise. The seventh installment shall have not two but three headliners, specifically, the German death metal veterans MORGOTH, the Italian dark metal virtuosos GRAVEWORM and the German thrash-death metal killers DEW-SCENTED.

However, that is not all as far as foreign guests go. The upcoming MG CDF shall also feature a tandem of Dutch bands: on one hand the masters of symphonic black metal CARACH ANGREN, on the other hand, the brutal death metal warmachine HOUWITSER. On top of that, from Greece comes the latest addition to the ranks of the Hellenic black metal legions, LUCIFER’S CHILD, wherein George Emmanuel, the guitarist of Rotting Christ is involved. Additionally, you can look forward to the Austrian thrash-death metal icon DARKFALL or to the Polish reapers OFFENCE.

Of course, bands from the local Czech metal scene shall come in plentiful numbers, inclusing elite acts such as ADOR DORATH, AGRESSIVE TYRANTS, co-organizers TORTHARRY, KRYPTOR, AVENGER or POPPY SEED GRINDER. A contingent from the ranks of MetalGate Records, featuring LIVEEVIL, F.O.B., MINORITY SOUND, KEEP ON ROTTING, CRUADALACH and SECRET OF DARKNESS, shall also be present. Further additions consist of MEAN MESSIAH, DIPHTERIA, LLYR, STREETMACHINE, HEAVING EARTH, EXORCIZPHOBIA, MORGUE SON, CAPTURE OR KILL, BORN AGAIN, AMOK and DEAD CARNAGE.

A trinity from the Slovak metal scene, consisting of DOOMAS, REVENGE DIVISION and HECATE, shall not be missing as well.

In other news: the festival presale is in full swing. Tickets from the third emission for 25 Euro are available on MetalGate e-shop, in the Tortharry shop with discounts and further bonuses, or in the offices of MetalGate in Prague. In the near future, additional presale via the Ticketstream and Ticketportal networks shall also be launched.

For more info stay tuned to the festival website

See you there!

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