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TO: Cabinet Secretaries, Division Directors, Agency Heads, Human Resources Directors and Chief Information Officers
FROM: Paul Dietl, Chief Human Resources Officer

Anne Margulies, Chief Information Officer, ITD

DATE: September 9, 2008
RE: FY 09 Salary Increase Moratorium for Technical Pay Law (TPL) Employees

Recent memos from the Executive Office for Administration and Finance have indicated that current economic trends make it critical for Executive Branch agencies to identify areas of the FY09 budget where spending can be reduced. Other states are facing the same dilemma. As of August 2008, 29 of 50 states in this nation indicated they are facing serious fiscal deficits due to projected decreases in tax revenues. Since the Commonwealth’s fiscal condition will be unclear for several months to come, FY09 salary increases for Technical Pay Law (TPL) employees will be postponed at this time.
Once we reassess the fiscal situation later this fall, everyone will be notified of the status of TPL salary increases.
Based on a review of the 2008 salary surveys, a 2.8% structural increase has been applied to top of the TPLB salary band. This salary structure change should continue to enhance hiring manager’s ability to recruit and retain talent and will be effective October 1, 2008.
New FY09 TPL Salary Ranges:

TPLA $48,925 to $75,600

TPLB $56,240 to $101,649
While we will not be implementing TPL increases at this time, it is important that we continue as usual to conduct performance evaluations for TPL employees. We expect managers, as has been in the past, to write performance reviews, determine performance ratings, and communicate with direct reports the performance evaluations.
Its employees are the Commonwealth’s most important assets. During this difficult economic period, we strongly recommend that agencies consider alternative methods of providing TPL employees with non-monetary recognition to acknowledge employee important contributions to the operation of state government. Please feel free to consult with HRD’s Policy Group on alternative methods of acknowledging performance.
If you have any questions related to the above information. Please contact Larry Albert, Policy Developer at 617-878-9740, or by email at:
I thank you for your continued cooperation and involvement in this important program.

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