Membership form 1 st October 2014 to 30 th September 2015

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1st October 2014 to 30th September 2015

Please PRINT clearly in block capitals
Mr. Mrs. Miss. Ms. / Forename / Surname:

_____________________________________ [Please add your contact details to the rear of this form.]

Renewal rates:

Where you live

1 copy of each issue

2 copies of each issue

3 copies of each issue





Europe / EU




Outside Europe




Please make your cheque (in Pounds Sterling only) payable to 'Routemaster Association' and send it with this form to: Routemaster Association Membership, c/o 3 The Sycamores,

Little Paxton, Cambs. PE19 6QJ United Kingdom

Send a money payment to

Please use your surname and membership number as a reference number

If you would prefer to pay by electronic transfer or standing order, please use the following details:

Unity Trust Bank Sort code: 08-60-01 Account number: 20172808 

Account name: Routemaster Operators and Owners Association

Reference: Your surname + member number (e.g. Smith 255)

For members outside the UK you can use:

BIC: CPBKGB22 for worldwide payments

IBAN Code: GB11CPBK08005150073210 for European payments

In either case, you must you must quote the bank account number 20172808 as the reference.

If there is a space for other references then please quote your surname and membership number e.g. Smith 255.

If there is no space for this then please send an email to stating the details of the payment so that we can expect it.

if you are a new member, please send us an e-mail so we will be able to recognise you.

Signed: ...................................................................…......... Date: ............……................................

Your Contact Details:




Telephone numbers



Email address

Special offer

RM60 EFE RML884 special very limited edition 1/76th scale with Routemaster 60 adverts and X60 destination blinds. Limited edition - only 60 produced. £30.00 plus £4.25 post & packing. Please apply if you would like more than one model, or to be sent overseas.

Special Skills in preserving your RM

Please list any mechanical parts you require.

Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary

Routemaster buses owned

(for our records)
Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary

Fleet number, Registration number, Engine make, Livery / colour

If sending by post, I enclose my cheque for £ and I would like _______ models of the RM60 special issue of RML884.

Please send this form to :

Rob Duker, Routemaster Association Membership Secretary, c/o 3 The Sycamores, Little Paxton, Cambs. PE19 6QJ, United Kingdom.


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