Megaman® LuxMeter: iPhone App for Lighting Tips

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MEGAMAN® LuxMeter:
iPhone App for Lighting Tips

(Hong Kong, 26 August 2011) MEGAMAN®, an innovative market leader in energy-efficient lighting, is pleased to announce the release of its first iPhone App - MEGAMAN® LuxMeter, a free App on iTunes App Store. The application provides a tool to measure the light level in a room and provides lighting tips on the use of energy-efficient LED or CFL lamps to enhance the mood, the environment and energy efficiency.
Good lighting is essential to create a desirable atmosphere. The MEGAMAN® LuxMeter provides light level measuring tool and relevant lighting tips which make choosing the right light bulb more easily.



By using the camera of the iPhone, the app measures the brightness of the environment such as a home, office, school, restaurant or art gallery, right away. Simply initiate the LuxMeter function and tap the ‘OK’ button, and the illuminance of the location can be assessed, with follow-up green lighting tips and recommendations shown so that the ideal lighting solution can be achieved.

Lamp Finder

The Lamp Finder helps to find quickly an eco-replacement bulb to the existing less energy-efficient incandescent or halogen lamp. Simply select the shape of the existing bulb and take a picture of it; a list of recommended CFL and LED lamp alternatives with effective energy savings will then be provided. The photos can also be placed in funny frames and shared with friends on Facebook.

Energy Saving Cal

Saving energy reduces the carbon footprint while enhancing the bank balance. By simply entering the quantity of lamps, hours of operation and electricity unit cost, the Energy Saving Cal will indicate how much could be saved, both financially and environmentally, by switching from conventional bulbs to CFL and LED lamps. Users will be impressed with the cost savings and the amount of CO2 that can be reduced by just a simple change. With this calculator, saving energy is as easy as plugging in a new light bulb.

Concept Store Locator

This function shows the MEGAMAN® Concept Stores around the world. A green lighting solution can be found at any time, anywhere.

To experience the MEGAMAN® LuxMeter, please download the free app from the iTunes App Store.


MEGAMAN® is a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and an innovative leader in LED and CFL lamp design, with technology targeting the best eco-lighting solutions. MEGAMAN® products are widely distributed throughout the world, including Europe, the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and South America, covering more than 90 countries. By setting environmental management as one of the company's highest priorities, MEGAMAN® is focusing on eco-friendly environmental processes from initial design to manufacturing, research and development, and the disposal and recycling of its products.

For more information about MEGAMAN®, please visit the website at
For more press information, please contact:

Blanca Ho

Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Ltd. – MEGAMAN®

Tel: (852) 2378 0074 Fax: (852) 2758 5957

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