Meeting: Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Present

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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Baier, Boyd-Lillie, Bush, Catalano, Chen, Cherry, Clower, Conley, Conover, Cox, Cushman, Derusha, Goggin, Guzman, Heidlberger, Ledgerwood, Li, Lu, Miksa, Molina, Nagaoka, Nasrazadani, Perez, Peters, Puccinelli, Reese, Sahliyeh, Seligmann, Swan, Turner, Vosvick, Wallace, Weiller-Abels, Windsor, Wittenberg-Lyles


Baker, Baxter, Bratton, Chandler, Emmanuel, Justice, Kaminski, Marrero, Mikler, Shahrokhi, Taylor, Thomsett-Scott, White


Provost Wilkins, Celia Williamson, Michael Monticino, Margie Lagleder, Carolyn Bobo, Foster Roden, Denise Harpool, Bill McKee, Frances Van Tassell, Gloria Cox, Dan Peak, Lynn Bissett, Barbara Bush, Brenda McCoy, Jennifer Roberts, Jo Monahan, Brad Shope, Nancy Wylie Holland, Teresa Flynn, Linda Tyrer






Welcome and Introductions

  • The meeting was called to order by Chair Weiller-Abels at 2:04 PM.


    • Mission and vision process underway with committee chair appointed later this week and tentative membership

    • Ask for volunteers – let Chair Weiller-Abels know



Approval of the Minutes (September 9, 2009)

    • Senator Cherry moved approval. Senator Boyd-Lillie second. Motion approved as amended

Announcements (cont’d)

  • Phi Kappa Phi request for new faculty advisor. Current advisor has served for 10 years and requests a new advisor. Please send nominations to Chair Weiller-Abels

  • Homecoming tent – If anyone on the faculty senate wishes to volunteer to staff the tent – we need coverage for this event – volunteer now or at the end of the faculty senate meeting.



  • Provost Wilkins addresses the Faculty Senate on the subject of graduate student pay answering some questions and introducing Graduate School Dean Monticino who displayed a powerpoint presentation, discussing it and answering some questions. The minutes include some of highlighted information and the full presentation is at with the specific link of

    • One goal is to provide competitive stipends across the university, while providing incentives to students to complete their degrees. A second goal is to provide a structure to allow departments to better manage graduate student recruitment, work assignments, progress to degree. In particular, it is hoped that UNT programs will be better able to recruit graduate students and not lose out on these students due to pay rate or work expectations issues in the future.

    • Summarized the changes as moving from $ per student to lines, like faculty lines. This makes decisions in departments easier and allows good wages for graduate students.

      • Wanted compensation scheme to get students to move along more quickly – new system has 3 levels of compensation – grad students move up in compensation as make progress

      • Kick-off to use OSU survey to peg pay to national norms by discipline.

    • Q&A regarding workloads of graduate students, ideal workloads, scholarship support, teaching workloads, course teaching, grant-funded students versus state-funded students, decent wages for grad students, teaching experience in classroom might be affected – remainder of Q&As will be held to the end

  • Dean Monticino introduced – began Powerpoint presentation

    • Some Q&A during the presentation regarding how items implemented. Central funding additions to lines explained along with other items in the plan. Revise regularly on a schedule. Should make UNT more competitive with other states given current economic conditions

    • Status – pay scales are solved. By Nov 1, budget projections will be finished for depts./colleges. During Nov – meet with chairs/deans to iron out. During December – implement the new plan. New Years’s Day – grad students should start seeing increase in the paychecks.



  • Committee Reports

    • UCC results from joint meeting with core oversight committee. Senator Conover and Deputy Provost Williamson presented the results as

      • Motion to approve using existing process for one year to get a complete core by 2011 instead of 2010. All approved classes continue as approved with no further work. All denied courses and all one-year approvals have this next year to resubmit applications. Future recommendations will be to admit or not admit to the core, no longer using a one-year admission recommendation.

        • Reasons

          • One-year approvals for a class are very hard to handle for advising students – removing a class from the core is difficult

          • Without any approved history classes, core would be 6 hours short of the mandatory classes if we send it to the state in its current form

      • Senator Swan amended the motion to include the further recommendation that all classes currently approved for a core area, excluding capstone and discovery core areas, for 2010, by both UCC and Core Oversight be approved for the respective core areas in the 2010 catalog. Discussion ensued. Motion amendment carried.

      • Overall motion, as amended, carried on voice vote with one nay vote and no abstentions


    • Approval of the September 23 UCC minutes. Motion by committee. Discussion ensued.

      • Motion carried on voice vote.

    • Approval of the October 7 UCC minutes. Motion by committee.

    • Approval of the Committee on Committee report. Motion by committee.

      • Motion carried on voice vote

    • Approval of the Fine Arts Series Committee report. Motion by committee.

      • Motion carried on voice vote



    • Bill McKee presented the Academic Integrity Process. The policy was presented using the flowchart and definitions. Examples of an appeal situation, what to do if a student is caught cheating and what to do with a plagiarism example.

      • One current process goal is to remove the department chair as the first consult on the process since the department chair is the decision-maker.

      • During Q&A, discussion of the Student Code Of Conduct Committee, the Faculty Mentor Committee, Consultation Training, the Length of Time for the Process and who handles potential expulsions were discussed. Conduct violations and academic violations are intertwined so all discussions need judgment.



  • Teaching Effectiveness and Excellence

    • Frances Van Tassell presented the results of the ad hoc committee that was formed in December 2008 to recommend strategies and documents to improve teaching excellence at UNT. A powerpoint presentation was given to the faculty senators and feedback is to be given to the members of the committee as their work is continuing. The committee will present its final reports by December 2009.

      • Form for Annual Assessment of Teaching

      • Form for Annual Evaluation of Teaching

      • Form for Classroom Observation

    • Two forms are mostly finished and getting chairs input this Friday. The classroom observation form is to be finished later in the semester.

    • Q&A was spirited. Comments to be sent to Frances Van Tassell



SECC - Foster Roden and Denise Harpool

  • Goals for year presented. Urge faculty and staff to participate and contribute.



Undergraduate Research Experience – Dean of Honors College Gloria Cox

  • Goal is create a climate for undergraduate research. $40,000 RFP in July 2009, Sept 2009 generated 19 proposals from 56 faculty. Committee recommended 7 proposals which were all fully funded, costing $57,000, involving 37 faculty. Upcoming events include April 15 – University Scholars Day. Want to build the undergraduate research initiative. An inventory of UG research will be created and faculty can put it on their profile for the Faculty Profile system. The Honors College is implementing this initiative for the Office of the Provost. Priorities for funded RFP initiatives came from the RFP statement and included those proposals that created new research rather than continuations and those that involved more faculty.



  • Report of the Chair (written) - a written report was submitted. No questions asked.



  • Report of the Vice Chair (written) - a written report was submitted. No questions asked.



  • Old Business - No questions asked.



  • New Business

    • Special Presentation – Kathy Nichols honored for 5 years of service. Applause and presentation of award!


  • Senator Swan moved to adjourn. Seconded by Senator Cushman. Motion approved. Senate adjourned at 4:29.

Minutes - respectfully submitted by James Conover

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