Maxxi tv, unrealized project by elastic group of Artistic Research for the maxxi- national Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome (Italy)

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ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research – Alexandro Ladaga & Silvia Manteiga

MAXXI TV, unrealized project by ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research for the

MAXXI- National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome (Italy)
Report on the approach to the subject,work placement and dialogue with the architecture of the museum:

       The project entitled MAXXI TV is a magnified TV with a giant eye that looks at the Museum MAXXI- National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome (Italy); this artwork makes the museum a “work of art” -as it is observed- meanwhile the “artwork” becomes the “public” by being a spectator of the architecture of the museum: an electronic eye that reveals an unconscious desire to assimilate architecture extroverted. As in an image-crystal, the viewer -captured by an infrared cyclopean eye- becomes the work created by the gaze of video creation.

      MAXXI TV was conceived (including with regard to its overall size) to be flexibly inserted into different locations of the outer area of ​​the Museum MAXXI to be agreed with the client. Nevertheless, as a site-specific art, the area in front of the "periscope" is the most effective in terms of contextualization of the work and dialogue with the architecture that hosts: the giant TV should "observe" the museum where the museum is overlooking the city and the public.
         The streaks over the body of this monumental television recall the grids above the museum of Zaha Hadid that reveals the structure in a fluid architecture switching to the latest technology: MAXXI TV itself as a transposition of the expanded museum architecture, its big electronic eye. A museum that wants to see the city ; a work that looks at the museum and the square that becomes a public lounge.
         In addition to the original source video permanent artwork MAXXI TV is designed as an expansion of the museum as it could temporarily host festivals of video art and architecture.
MAXXI screen TV is made of LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) which can detect the structure of the video, that is, Pixel, as well as the museum MAXXI reveals the structure of the architecture.

Dimensions: Overall dimensions of about Large 4 x High 3 x Deep 4 meters.

Material used:
Structure - Steel and aluminum powder-coated for excellent resistance to chemicals, mechanical and corrosive. As for the color of the structure we thought one of the three main colors of the additive model that makes the video image, ie RGB (at a wavelength of 700 nm is red, 546.1 nm in the green, a 455.8 nm blue) to be agreed with the client.
Screen - TF-20 Tablets Barco LED for outdoor use and everything else needed for their operation. This is the only technology that offers excellent viewing of video works by ensuring the permanent outdoor use even during the day. Having made several video works applied to architecture we have found that this type of technology is the only one that can guarantee the durability, while the projection can be considered only for ephemeral events and not for use during the day. The LED screen is protected by a laminated safety glass, safety cage in accordance with the law.

Alexandro Ladaga (Italy) and Silvia Manteiga (Spain) work with digital media mixing new technology with a philosophical approach. They have a degree in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies and have made a great number of site specific public video art installations in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Canada, China, Russia and the USA since 2001, when they have founded the ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research. They are authors of the essay Moving Layers: Contextual Video in Art & Architecture (Edilstampa 2006).
Selected exhibitions 2011-2001: 3th Quadrilateral Biennial of Media Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rijeka/Urban Screens, Federal Square, Melbourne/Art Moscow, 12th International Art Fair/Biennale di Videofotografia di Alessandria/DIVA Digital Video Art Fair, New York/Moving Time: Tribute to Nam June Paik, New York/Kunsthalle,Vienna/Centro de Arte contemporanea Santa Monica, Barcelona/Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Roma/Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum/National Gallery of Kosova, Prishtina/Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago/Contemporary Art National Center, Ekaterinburg/ Museo de Bellas Artes, La Habana/Space Museum, Hong Kong/ The Museum of New Art, Detroit/La Biennale di Venezia/ BAUHAUS,University of Weimar/ Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover.

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