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Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple Tree)

 Sugar maple tree ("Marymeant: sugar maple," 2010)


The Acer Saccharum (sugar maple) is a tree that is used in many ways by humans. It is found in large populations in Northeast America (New York, Massachusetts) and Southeast Canada (Nova Scotia, Ontario)


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3.Making the product

4.Benficial impacts

5.Harmful impacts







The Acer saccharum (sugar maple) is a tree that ranges from deep, dense forests to urban areas in Canada and the U.S.A.

These trees usually range from twenty-five to thirty-five meters in height ("Acer saccharum," 2010). The leaves

of the sugar maple have a palmate shape (shaped like an open palm) and are usually eight to fifteen centimeters in length and six to twelve centimeters in width("Acer saccharum," 2010). The stems on these leaves are usually five to twelve centimeters long and because the sugar maple is a deciduous tree the leaves change colours from green in the spring and summer to red/orange in the fall. It's bark is a dark brown to gray colour.


sugar maple leaves (clockwise from top) Fall, early fall, spring/summer (Ink , 2010)



The sugar maple, which is also called the hard maple ("Sugar maple," 1995) is prized for its hard wood,

which is ideal for things such as baseball bats, flooring and skateboard decks and is also envied for its ability

to produce sap for maple syrup. To create products from the wood of the tree, the trunk of the adult tree is

harvested/cut down to create lumber, while if sap is wanted a process called tapping is used in order to drain

the sap from the flesh.


Making the product

The making of a baseball bat from sugar maple wood


1.The adult tree is harvested from forest or farm

2.The tree is cut to the appropriate size and turned into a blank

3.The company takes your order and uses a lathe to make the wood into a bat.

4.The bat is then painted and stained to match the order.

5.The bat is shipped and sold at stores near you.


Custom Sam Bat ("Barry bonds game," 2005)


The making of maple syrup from the flesh of the sugar maple


1.A small pipe is inserted into the trunk of the adult tree.

2.A bucket is hung below the pipe to collect the sap.

3.The collected sap is boiled until it is reduced down to the thick syrup that we all know.

4.The syrup is canned or bottled and sent across the world


 Maple Syrup (Hicker)

Beneficial Impact


The wood of the sugar maple as said earlier is prized for its hard and durable wood, which can be used for baseball bats, furniture, flooring (in home, even bowling alleys), musical instruments and skateboard decks ("Acer saccharum," 2010). The sugar maple can also be used to produce maple syrup from its flesh. Anybody can use/own these products as they are sold at local retailers such as Eagle Beaver Sports Ltd (Scarborough, Ont) for baseball bats and The Great Canadian Superstore (Scarborough, Ont) for maple syrup. The sugar maple is cut down in large amounts to fuel the demand for these products as they are some of the most durable and sturdy. This demand for maple therefore reduced the demand for woods such as ash, oak and birch as they are much weaker when compared to maple and therefore are less convenient.


Harmful Impacts

One of the major harmful impacts of the product is that many animals lose their homes and their lives to the deforestation of the sugar maple. Many animals take refuge and build their homes in the forests that that the sugar maple reside in, but when the sugar maple and all trees in that matter are cut down they lose their habitat and fall into a survival of the fittest predicament. One minor impact is that the demand for other types of wood would decrease, which would put some people out of business and out of a job. As for deforestation, one alternative is to use the method of selective cutting, in which you only cut the full grown trees instead of all of the trees, but for the decreasing value of woods other then maple there is no alternative as it is the consumer's opinion that controls the fate of the demand for the product.



The sugar maple is a deciduous tree that is found in Northeast America and Southeastern Canada. It is an ideal wood for making furniture, baseball bats and flooring, but can also produce the sap necessary to make maple syrup. The sugar maple ranges from twenty-five to thirty-five meters tall and produces palmate shaped leaves that differ in colour depending on the season. Household items that are made of maple are the highest in demand (as for wood products) as maple is one of the sturdiest and most durable types of wood around. The sugar maple is facing some population problems at this time due to deforestation (because of its demand) and pollution (which we create). The sugar maple has become a staple in the average Canadian and American home whether it be food or for wood. The Sugar maple is one of the most versatile plants in the world.



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