Mary poppins

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Before you read

  1. Practise the pronunciation:

Accent, breath, breathe, bow, broad, command, cow, dandelion, earache, encyclopaedia, meadow, muscle, model, prosperous, severe, thoroughly, weary, whistle.

  1. Read and translate into Russian the paragraph’’…The Red Cow- that’s the name she went by…’’ up to ‘’…and a yellow busby.’’ (p. 42)

1.Find the English for these words

Спросила, уволит, грустно, затаили дыхание, размером с блюдце, хорошо воспитанный, впоследствии, маргаритка, устала. совершенно самостоятельно, была почти в смятении, записывал, разодетые в пух и прах, споткнуться о , раздражённо, раздумывая о , впервые, пришла за советом, решилась, жилет.

2Find the following words and w-combinations in the chapter, translate the sentences with them into Russian.

p.42 start with surprise

p.43 be asleep; make up something out of one’s head

p.44 take care;

p.45 be (dis)pleased ; have an appointment; make an effort; try hard

p.46 in case

p.47 be worth doing; be in time

p.48 make sure; grow used to something;

p.49 miss sth / sb; for no(some) reason

3.Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Take care not to wake the baby.

2. Take care you don’t get knocked down when you cross the road.

3.I have an appointment with the dentist for 3 p. m..

4. I cannot keep the appointment, I’m afraid. Could we put it off for tomorrow?

5.Little Tom tried hard to learn the poem by heart for his mother’s birthday.

6. I want to make sure that he is here.

7. I think there is a train at 5.10 but you’d better make sure.

8.I got used to getting up at 6 in the morning.

9. Please make an effort to arrive early.

10. I’ll make every effort to help you.

11. You’d better take an umbrella in case it rains.

12. In case I forget, please remind me of the appointment.

4. Pick up 7 words and w-combinations from Task 2 to make up your own sentences.

1.Fill in the prepositions and adverbs where necessary.

1.Shall I sit ____the window and tell you what is going___ ?

2. The Red Cow lived ____the best field _____ the whole district.

3. ____ this night, long ____ the Red Calf was asleep, the Red Cow stood____ suddenly and began to dance.

4. ____ her surprise, she found that she could not stop dancing.

5.All ____the day she danced.

6. When the gate opened she danced ___ it and ___ the broad garden path till she came ___ the flight of steps that led ___ the King’s throne.

7. I have an appointment ___ Barber.

8. The King stared ___ the Red Cow pondering ___ what was the best thing to do.

9. The Chief Courtier began to tug ___ the star.

10. The King said : ‘’ You came here ___ my advice and I have given it ___you.’’

11. She frequently burst ____ tears ___ no reason at all.

2. Write the verbs in the past simple, past continuous or past perfect to complete the sentences.

1.Michael (say) that Admiral Boom (come) out of his gate and(hurry) down the Lane.

2. Mary(tell) the children that the Red Cow(be) a great friend of her Mother.

3. Every morning the Red Cow(give) lessons to her daughter, (teach) her good manners and (show) how to select good grass.

4. When the Red Cow(think) her thoughts, a star(fall) and(catch) on her horn.

5. The Secretary(inform) the King that His Majesty(make) 72 laws.

6.The Red Cow(grow) used to dancing so much that one day she(realize) that she(miss) her star.

Comprehension and discussion

1.Answer the questions.

1.How did that particular day begin?

2.What kind of life had the Red Cow led before the star fell on her horn?

3.Why did the Red Cow decide to go to see the King?

4.What was the King busy with when the Cow appeared in the Palace?

5.What did the King think about the situation which the Red Cow had got in?

6.Where was the solution of the problem found?

7.Where did the Red Cow land?

8.Why did she begin to feel uncomfortable and whom did she go to see for advice?

2.What do you think the message of the chapter is? Choose one from the given below or suggest your own one.

1.One begins to appreciate something after he has lost it.

2. One should always be ready that something unexpected may happen. .

3.One should not be afraid to change his life.

4. ?

уволит, грустно, затаили дыхание, размером с блюдце, хорошо воспитанный, впоследствии, маргаритка, устала.

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