Mapleton planning & zoning unapproved Meeting Minutes & Public Hearing Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Unapproved Meeting Minutes & Public Hearing

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

7:00 p.m.
7:02 pm – Jay Dietz called meeting to order
Present: Jay Dietz, Patric McCoy, Allen Moerke, Eugene Cross, & Jon Ryan
Also Present: Mayor Hillman, Jerry Volk (Park Board), Barry Bowman & Dane Larsen (Raymond Township) Oly Olafson (Ulteig Eng.) Dale Smith, K C Purgason (NuStar), Jason Eid (Eid Co Homes).
Motion Eugene Cross - Approval of January 27, & February 24 minutes with correction of Eugene Cross present at the Feb 24th meeting – 2nd Patric McCoy.
Motion open Public Hearing - Patric McCoy - 2nd Jon Ryan

Jason Eid requesting 6” side yard setbacks for 224 MPB, as resident would like 3 stall garage. Jason also stated that Mapleton’s setbacks are stiffer than Moorhead, Fargo, & West Fargo. Comment made by Jay Dietz that it was good to see policy followed with this application.

Motion to close Public Hearing - Patric McCoy – 2nd Eugene Cross.

Motion Eugene Cross to approve variance request, 2nd Allen Moerke, RCV/MC

NuStar Energy Pipeline – “yellow” line on map proposed. The line would run parallel to 164th adjacent to the right of way, 30 ft easement. With only tank farms proposed at this point, currently looking at Prosper. Current lines (green) run from Mandan to Moorhead and Magellan in West Fargo and Montana refinery.

NuStar - Want location with good rail and road access. Also minimal flooding areas. Normal depth 4’ grade to top of pipe, pressure monitoring system with automated valves and 24-7-365 monitoring with approx. 30 second shut off. Lines are aerial patrolled every 2 weeks with every 5 years a “Smart Pig” to identify any potential problems. Pictures were also presented of current line in Fargo (45th St). Estimated construction to start June 2016 taking 4 months to completion.

P & Z strongly recommends that the proposed gas/diesel pipeline be moved farther from the city because of potential hazard and reviewed other routes to consider.

P & Z - “we keep getting encroached on” and that the growth for Mapleton is east of 164th. What would be the advantage for the city?

Permits and building plans – Reviewed – not approved Permit # 20150005 questions need answers. Auditor will email Moore to contact Jay with answers.
8 plex apartment blueprint given to Jay by Moore. At this time the builder requesting water meters for each apartment, however, P & Z will not recommend this. The apartment should have 1 meter for the entire building for city water.
Motion to adjourn by Allen Moerke, 2nd by Eugene Cross.

___________________ _______________________

Murray “Jay” Dietz Attest: Mary Hinschberger

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