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March 8, 2010

Conference call
Meeting Summary

Prepared by: Margaret Satoh

Reviewed by: Dennis Bray

2010 SME Manufacturing Enterprise Council


Dennis S. Bray, PhD, FSME


Bray Innovation Group, LLC

8096 Cherry Laurel Dr

Liberty Twp, OH 45044-8368

Ph: 513-482-1213

Term: 2009-2011



Boris Fritz

Engineer 5

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems

Western Region 9G26/W10

Materials & Processes Labs

One Hornet Way

El Segundo CA 90245-2084

Ph: 310-332-9052

Pager: 310-240-0944

Personal Cell: 310-850-9777

Term: 2008-2010
Douglas C. Genord

Technical Fellow

Fabrication CAM, NC Simulation & Composites Systems

Boeing Information Technology

PO Box 3707

Seattle, WA 98124-2207

Ph: 206-544-4704

Cell: 206-459-6720

Term 2009-2011

Industry Aerospace
Robert Glinke

General Manager of Excavation Division Operations

Caterpillar Inc.

PO Box 348

Aurora, IL 60507

Ph: 630-859-5650

Term: 2009-2011
Rod Jones

Chief Learning Officer

Mori Seiki University

2400 Huntington Blvd

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Ph: 847-387-1290

Fx: 847-387-1291

Cell: 847-909-6309

Term: 2009-2011
Tom Kurfess, PhD, FSME, PE


Clemson University

Dept of Mechanical Engineering M/S 0921

Clemson, SC 29634-0001

Ph: 864-656-6339

Fax: 864-656-4435

Term: 2009-2011

Industry: Education
Robert Rowen PhD


Piquero Insights Inc

1701 Creekview Dr

Round Rock, TX 78681-6211

Ph: 512-255-8519

Term: 2009-2011
Susan Sackman

SR. Manager Strategic Procurement


7000 Central Ave NE

Stop L100

Minneapolis, MN 55432-3576

Ph: 901-569-4274

Term 2009-2011

Industry: Medical Equipment
Chad Schron

Vice President

Tooling U

15700 S Waterloo Road

Cleveland, OH 44110-3814

Ph: 216-706-6145

Fx: 216-706-6601

Term: 2009-2011

Industry: Education
Carl Williams, PE

Associate Professor

University of Memphis

203 Engineering Technology Bldg

Memphis TN 38152-3210

Ph: 901-678-3296

Fx: 901-678-5145

Term: 2009-2011

Industry: Education
Past Chair

Cindy Skelton-Becker

Sr. Finishing Aftermarket Manager

ICA Group

Nordson Corporation

300 Nordson Drive

Amherst OH 44001

Ph: 440-985-4190
SME Staff Contact

Debbie Holton

Director, Industry, Community and New Product Development

One SME Drive

Dearborn MI 48128

Phone: 313-425-3132

Fax: 313-425-3404
Margaret Satoh

Member Services Manager

One SME Drive

Dearborn MI 48128

Phone: 313-425-3032

Fax: 313-425-3404

Manufacturing Enterprise Council

March 8, 2010

Conference call

Attendees: Dennis Bray, Chad Schron, Doug Genord, Bob Rowen, Rod Jones, Bob Glinke, Dean Bartles, Cindy Skelton-Becker, Debbie Holton (SME staff), Margaret Satoh (SME staff)
Meeting began at 5:06pm
1. Competition: What do other organizations offer? Is there anything we should look into?

  • A review of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery ) showed:

    • Three levels of association – Public, Professional Member $99, Professional Member Plus +$99 (includes digital library)

    • Benefits:

    • On-line courses – interactive with tests upon completion

    • Monthly Publication with no advertising

    • 92,000 members

    • Books, videos, journals, etc at up to 50% off

    • Special Interest groups - each have their own events

    • Joint membership with IEEE

    • E-mail forwarding service

    • Twitter, LinkedIn

    • Books can be read on-line 24x7 (Safari books, Element K)

Conversion of content to on-line can be done via a couple of different interfaces such as Scorm. Articulate has the ability to convert Power Pointe into on-line learning rapidly. The challenge is generating the content. Learning Management systems can track when a person starts & stops the training as well as scores and competencies.

On-line books & training done by outside vendors can be contracted on a master agreement or on a set number of seats. Mori Seiki uses Geo-Learning – this came with 497 courses ranging from soft skills to technology specific. Mori Seiki sees their university as a technology transfer center. Caterpillar University also uses some outside course however these have been limited in the cut backs everyone is experiencing.
Social Media is used however becomes an issue with many companies due to Intellectual Property issues. Bob R uses social media for product announcements and sees it as a marketing tool. Boeing has an internal LinkedIn however fire walls prevent using external LinkedIn and other social media. The internal social media works the same way – you offer assistance as well as request assistance to your peer group. General Dynamics does not allow LinkedIn, Facebook, Box net etc – only internal sites. File sharing is the biggest issue as it can leave a company in a person’s pocket or e-mail. There are Federal Standards that must be met on this issue. ITAR regulations are also an issue.
Is there an opportunity for SME to be designated as a Safe Site?
The expectation is that information will be free.

  1. Current SME Product Line

A matrix of SME products aligned by technical communities was presented (posted on Tech papers represented on the matrix are from approximately 2005 however SME has over 17,000 papers dating back to the early 1950’s. Manufacturing Engineering articles are for the past 2 years. The technical communities have been conducting free webinars while the corporate training departments conducts ones that are paid for – the difference is the amount of technical “training” the content provides. CMW, MMTS & CMTS are Canadian trade shows.

We may want to consider reflecting in the chart the health of each product line – Where are we now? Where do we want to be?

Product growth opportunities are in Rapid, Lean, Automated Manufacturing & Assembly. Composites is quite active however plastics & coatings are weak. Product lines that are strong are trade shows (slower than recent years but still strong), Lean Certification; corporate training is a growth area.

Standards are not reflected in the chart as SME does not do standards however we have contributed to them.

The perception that SME products are difficult to find on the SME website needs to be addressed.

  1. Brand

What is the current brand perception?

  • SME means Small to Medium Enterprise to many – it is confusing

  • People are unclear on how broad manufacturing is, what is touches and the value it brings to community economics

  • There is a perception that manufacturing is not done in the US

  • Discussion at the board level shows the brand is not consistent

  • An immediate thought is the shop floor and that we don’t do that anymore

  • Parents don’t encourage their children to go into manufacturing

What are our strengths?

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Network of people in the industry

The wiki entry for SME is not as strong as ACM and IEEE. SME is on Twitter – are we sending tweets that are relevant?

  1. Revenue Opportunities

  • What revenue sources can be identified for 2010 revenue?

  • Repackage current content so people can get to it easier

  • Repackage current content for new technology areas

  • Bundle of products

  • Other registries like our current Lean Registry

  • Premium Membership with information provided by 3rd party vendor (do on a trial basis to start)

  • Conduct a market research survey to see what the members would like to have that is not currently available

  • Should the current member discount be raised – today it is 10-15% but it equates to a couple of dollars for many products

Dennis will develop a list of deliverables from the MEC based on the calls we have had this year. This will become part of the 1st quarter report to the Board.

Next meeting is April 12 – please be prepared to discuss what is happening in the technical community you are a liaison to - what activities are they doing, how can the MEC help A.I. 1-3/8/10. If you need information on when the meetings are please contact Margaret. As a reminder the assignments are:

  • Automated Manufacturing and Assembly – Carl Williams

  • Forming & Fabricating –

  • Industrial Laser – Bob Rowen

  • Machining and Material Removal – Susan Sackman

  • Manufacturing Education & Research – Chad Schron

  • Plastics, Composites & Coatings –

  • Product, Process, Design & Management – Doug Genord

  • Rapid Technologies & Additive Manufacturing – Boris Fritz

Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm
Action Items
A.I. 1-3/8/10 All

Please be prepared to discuss what is happening in the technical community you are a liaison to - what activities are they doing, how can the MEC help.

MEETING SUMMARY – Manufacturing Enterprise Council

March 8, 2010

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