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February 8, 2010

Conference call
Meeting Summary

Prepared by: Margaret Satoh

Reviewed by: Dennis Bray

2010 SME Manufacturing Enterprise Council


Dennis S. Bray, PhD, FSME


Bray Innovation Group, LLC

8096 Cherry Laurel Dr

Liberty Twp, OH 45044-8368

Ph: 513-482-1213

Term: 2009-2011



Boris Fritz

Engineer 5

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems

Western Region 9G26/W10

Materials & Processes Labs

One Hornet Way

El Segundo CA 90245-2084

Ph: 310-332-9052

Pager: 310-240-0944

Personal Cell: 310-850-9777

Term: 2008-2010
Douglas C. Genord

Technical Fellow

Fabrication CAM, NC Simulation & Composites Systems

Boeing Information Technology

PO Box 3707

Seattle, WA 98124-2207

Ph: 206-544-4704

Cell: 206-459-6720

Term 2009-2011

Industry Aerospace
Robert Glinke

General Manager of Excavation Division Operations

Caterpillar Inc.

PO Box 348

Aurora, IL 60507

Ph: 630-859-5650

Term: 2009-2011
Rod Jones

Chief Learning Officer

Mori Seiki University

2400 Huntington Blvd

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Ph: 847-387-1290

Fx: 847-387-1291

Cell: 847-909-6309

Term: 2009-2011
Tom Kurfess, PhD, FSME, PE


Clemson University

Dept of Mechanical Engineering M/S 0921

Clemson, SC 29634-0001

Ph: 864-656-6339

Fax: 864-656-4435

Term: 2009-2011

Industry: Education
Robert Rowen PhD


Piquero Insights Inc

1701 Creekview Dr

Round Rock, TX 78681-6211

Ph: 512-255-8519

Term: 2009-2011
Susan Sackman

SR. Manager Strategic Procurement


7000 Central Ave NE

Stop L100

Minneapolis, MN 55432-3576

Ph: 901-569-4274

Term 2009-2011

Industry: Medical Equipment
Chad Schron

Vice President

Tooling U

15700 S Waterloo Road

Cleveland, OH 44110-3814

Ph: 216-706-6145

Fx: 216-706-6601

Term: 2009-2011

Industry: Education
Carl Williams, PE

Associate Professor

University of Memphis

203 Engineering Technology Bldg

Memphis TN 38152-3210

Ph: 901-678-3296

Fx: 901-678-5145

Term: 2009-2011

Industry: Education
SME Staff Contact

Debbie Holton

Director, Industry, Community and New Product Development


One SME Drive

Dearborn MI 48128

Phone: 313-425-3132

Fax: 313-425-3404
Margaret Satoh

Member Services Manager


One SME Drive

Dearborn MI 48128

Phone: 313-425-3032

Fax: 313-425-3404

Manufacturing Enterprise Council

February 8, 2010

Conference call

Attendees: Dennis Bray, Carl Williams, Chad Schron, Doug Genord, Bob Rowen, Boris Fritz, Rod Jones, Tom Kurfess, Debbie Holton (SME staff), Margaret Satoh (SME staff), Lauralyn McDaniel (SME staff), Andy Dempster (SME staff)
Meeting began at 5:12pm
1. Andy Dempster, SME web manager, reviewed the development plans for a new SME knowledge delivery system (presentation is on

  • Team of members and staff are developing the user requirements for a knowledge delivery system to enable SME to fulfill its vision of being recognized globally as the premier source for manufacturing knowledge, education and networking.

  • This system must integrate with the current Oracle applications

  • Content is the base of the system with form in the middle and the delivery mechanism at the top.

  • A review of potential vendors is in process

  • An exact timeline has not been established but will be once the scope and work plan are in place

  • It is possible that the rollout will be in modules over a 12-18 month period

  • This project will most likely be done via vendors rather than be built in-house

  • Pricing has not yet been determined

  • It has not been determined how/who will maintain this system

2. Content discussion – trains of thought

  • Can SME repurpose current content in new ways – Webinars and conferences are great but time restraints cause people to not be able to get the content. Can we provide content in other ways such as Podcasts that can be listened to in the car or on planes? Daily Executive Briefings on podcasts?

  • How much content does SME have vs. what is available in the marketplace? How do we get to this content? Do we want this content?

  • Debbie H agreed to get the MEC information on the content SME currently has. A.I. 1-2/8/10

  • Google is advertising based with content while SME is content based with advertising possible.

  • Adding relationships to the content is what makes SME content more valuable. SME members validate the data – the data validates SME membership

  • SME search results need to not have the clutter you get on Google type searches – they need to provide the most relevant information quickly.

  • New and existing content needs to have facilitation and interpretation. Many providers don’t have the depth SME has to generate content. Give the content context. Developing the content is the difficult part – teaching it is easy.

  • An on-line consultant/expert service like the old SME Technical Referral Database type service provided a sense of community helping each other and gave the content more credibility knowing the provider was a fellow member. Members were more willing to share information with other members.

  • An important ROI measurement is increased membership due to content being so valued

  • Content development – New Products – New Customers (people not in traditional manufacturing)

  • New knowledge - where does Intellectual property come into play? Is there a creative legal way to allow content to be available? People may be more inclined to share information in a social setting and if I don’t see the person as a competitor.

  • How much information do we provide – is it free to all – member benefit – should there be premium content – should there be levels of access – Bronze (free), Silver (members free, non-members pay) Gold – members only? What do students get?

  • Do we take the training to people or have people come to us? What do we provide educational institutions?

  • SME skills certification is an ideal fit but without industry buy in it doesn’t have the same impact/importance

  • SME is in a great position to develop certification for anything (Green Processes, Quality, etc) – we don’t have the content but we have the process, knowledge and reputation to develop quality certification. HR departments have to start asking for certification in their requirements.

  • Look for common processes across industries – Lean, Quality – what is the next initiative? Do we have our finger on the “pulse”? What processes are there that would be a good fit?

  • What is the next “Lean”? OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)? Material Costs?

  • SME is content centric rather than delivery centric – finding information in less clicks would make us more popular than Google. SME needs to concentrate on content development, associated relationships and content relevance.

  • How does the TCN fit? Informal training, a place to submit questions and get help? What are people looking for and can’t find?

  • Books/DVDs/Pubs are formal training.

  • Content management examples - Journals, Pubs, Events, Tooling U, SAE.

  • There is a lack of new technology transfer. Can SME facilitate the synergy of application of knowledge?

  • Where does SME start? We need to identify things that can be leveraged into other markets but first have to understand what we have today (Debbie Holton A.I.) We also need to determine how much knowledge we have vs. the whole.

  • Are there any possibilities of acquisitions to obtain content?

  • Give Dennis a one page feedback on an organization you are familiar with determine their membership numbers, strengths, weaknesses and be prepared to discuss this at our March meeting. A.I. 2-2/8/10

  1. MEC/TCN liaisons

The Member Council has a liaison assigned to each of the communities to assist with the engagement of members. The MEC liaison will assist with the more technical oversight as needed and relevant to moving our technology portfolio forward.

  • Automated Manufacturing and Assembly – Carl Williams

  • Forming & Fabricating –

  • Industrial Laser –

  • Machining and Material Removal – Susan Sackman

  • Manufacturing Education & Research – Chad Schron

  • Plastics, Composites & Coatings –

  • Product, Process, Design & Management – Doug Genord

  • Rapid Technologies & Additive Manufacturing – Boris Fritz

Please let Dennis know if you are interested in being the MEC liaison to any of the unassigned communities. A.I. 2-1/11/10

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm

Next meeting March 8, 2010 5:00pm Eastern
Action Items
A.I. 1-2/8/10 Debbie H

Debbie H agreed to get the MEC information on the content SME currently has.

A.I. 2-2/8/10 All

Give Dennis a one page feedback on an organization you are familiar with determine their membership numbers, strengths, weaknesses and be prepared to discuss this at our March meeting.

Carry Over Action Items
A.I. 2-1/11/10 All

Please let Dennis know if you are interested in being the MEC liaison to any of the unassigned communities.

MEETING SUMMARY – Manufacturing Enterprise Council

February 8, 2010

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