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MAN Truck & Bus AG


Dachauer St. 667

D-80995 Munich

Address enquiries to:

Dr Detlef Hug

Tel.: +49-89-1580-2001

Munich, July 2, 2012

Press Release

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Change in Communications at MAN
Dominique Nadelhofer succeeds Nina Gutzeit as Head of Communications at MAN Truck & Bus.

Dominique Nadelhofer (34) will take over the reins of the central Communications function at MAN Truck & Bus as of July 1, 2012, as well as the role of Press Officer for the division.

Nadelhofer joined MAN in 2005, first working in Investor Relations before moving to the Corporate Communications function as Press Officer in 2008. In his most recent position as CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine, he was responsible for sales of trucks and buses in the region.

July 1 will also see Nina Gutzeit (41) switch to MAN SE Corporate Communications, where she will head up the new “Communications – Online & Operations” department.

Gutzeit has been with MAN since 1999, holding various positions in Marketing, Strategy, and Corporate Publishing before becoming Press Officer at MAN Truck & Bus in 2005 and taking charge of its Corporate Communications function. In this role, she significantly advanced the international focus of the division’s corporate communications in the fields of internal communication, corporate publishing, public relations, and online communications as well as globally establishing new media formats, and PR measures.

In their respective positions, Nadelhofer and Gutzeit will report to Andreas Lampersbach, Head of Communications for MAN SE.

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MAN Truck & Bus AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is the largest company of the MAN Group and a leading international supplier of efficient commercial vehicles and innovative transport solutions. In fiscal 2011 the enterprise, with around 34,000 employees, posted sales of more than 77,600 trucks and over 5,700 buses and bus chassis of the MAN and NEOPLAN brands worth 9 billion euros.

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