Mammalogy Biol 425 Quiz 3 10 pts total Name

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Biol 425

Quiz 3

10 pts. total

  1. Which 'school' of phylogenetic inference emphasizes overall similarity in grouping and classifying taxa (1 pt.)?


  2. What are two ways by which apomorphic and plesiomorphic character states can be differentiated (2 pts.)

    From lecture: Fossil evidence, ontogeny, and outgroup comparison are the three most common.

  3. Which of the following is the correct way to write the scientific name of Hoogerwerf's Sumatran rat (note: each of the options below is SPELLED correctly for this species) (1 pt.)?

    1. Rattus Hoogerwerfi

    2. rattus hoogerwerfi

    3. Rattus Hoogerwerfi

    4. Rattus hoogerwerfi

    5. Rattus Hoogerwerfi

    6. None of the above is correct

      f. The correct way to write this is Rattus hoogerwerfi.

  4. Circle the correct choices (in bold text) to make this sentence true (2 pts. total): A taxon is monophyletic if it includes some / most/ all descendents of the most recent common ancestor and is usually grouped based on at least one synapomorphy / symplesiomorphy / homoplasy.

  5. In a typical eutherian skeleton, which bone(s) articulate with the humerus (1 pt. each correct answer)?

    Distally, the humerus articulates with the radius and ulna. Proximally, it articulates with the scapula.

    Although the distal end of the clavicle is near the scapula-humerus articulation, it does not articulate directly with the humerus. 1/2 pt. was deducted if "scapula" was listed.

  6. Identify (name) the bone indicated on the specimen in front of you (1 pt.)


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