Macosx calsnet vpn installation Instructions

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MacOSX CALSNET VPN Installation Instructions:
1.) From the Finder menu bar, select "Go" then "Applications"

2.) Open "Internet Connect"

3.) Click on the "VPN" icon at the top of the "Internet Connect" window.

4.) Select the radio button for the option named "PPTP" and click "Continue"

5.) For "Configuration" select the option "Edit Configurations" from the pull down menu

6.) In the "Description" field pick any name you would like to call this connection (example: CALSNET VPN)

7.) In the "Server Address" field type in (without the quotes): ""

8.) In the "Account Name" field please enter your NetID

9.) In the "Password" field please enter in your CALSNET account password

10.) Click on the "Connect" button and you should go through authentication and in successfully connect in a few seconds

11.) Please remember to disconnect when you are done as this implementation only allows a few dozen concurrent connections for approximately 500+ people.

The last step is especially important for MacOSX laptops for either VPN because you do NOT want to put the computer asleep when you are connected through the VPN from home and try to wake it up from another network (such as the Biotechnology Building network). Doing so often causes you to have no network connection and can cause data corruption so beware!

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