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Born November 19, 1952

Place of Birth Israel.

Military Service 1971-1974 (disabled veteran, lost a leg in the 1973 war).

1994-1997, Scientist, Rank Major

  1. B.Sc., Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University.

  2. M.Sc., Department of Botany, Tel Aviv University (awarded a summa cum laude).

  3. M.A. Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University. Including complementary studies for a B.A. (awarded a

  4. summa cum laude).

  5. Ph.D., Department of Botany, Tel Aviv University.

  6. Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Plant Genetics, The Weizmann Institute of Science.

Major Research Interests

  1. Biology and ecology of trees and other woody plants.

  2. Developmental processes in plants: meristematic activity and its ecology and regulation, fate of apical meristems, homeosis, pattern formation.

  3. Palaeoecology: beginning of agriculture, dendrochronology, identification of botanical material from archaeological excavations, reconstruction of palaeoenvironments, the influence of human activity on the ecosystem.

  4. The ecology and evolution of colors in plants.

  5. Arabidopsis thaliana as a model for wood and fiber formation.


  1. Plant physiology. 

  2. Introductionary and advanced field courses in geobotany and plant ecology.

  3. Plants and Human Culture.

  4. Plants structure and function.


Refereed Articles in Journals

Biology Journals

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II.Archaeology or Geology Journals

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Papers in Books

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