Low, High, High, High 0: 40 10 10 Low, High, Low, High 0: 40 11 11 Low, High, Low, Low

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Music, Movement & Mime 1 – Track Listings


Free Run music examples to demonstrate either a

“High” or “Low” position depending on pitch.

9 9 Low, High, High, High 0:40
10 10 Low, High, Low, High 0:40
11 11 Low, High, Low, Low 0:40
12 12 Low, Low, High, High 0:40
13 13 Low, Low, High, Low 0:40
14 14 Low, Low, Low, High 0:40
15 15 Low, Low, Low, Low 0:40

1 High, High, High, High 0:40

2 High, High, High, Low 0:40
3 High, High, Low, High 0:40 


4 High, High, Low, Low 0:40
5 High, Low, High, High 0:40


6 High, Low, High, Low 0:40
7 High, Low, Low, High 0:40
8 High, Low, Low, Low 0:40
16 Butterflies in the rain – landing “High or Low” 3:02
17 Ghosts and Ghouls                                          1:08
18 Wizards and Warlocks 1:06
19 Witches                                                        1:03
20 Goblins, Gnomes and Hobbits                         1:02
21 Fairies                                                          1:07
22 Princess at the ball                                         1:20
23 Music box dolls                                              1:46
24 The Farmyard (Hens, Horses, Cows, Lambs) 2:45
25 Insects (Fly’s, Grasshoppers and Spiders) 2:09
26 Weather (Rain, Wind, Snow and Storm) 3:42
27 Little Red Riding Hood 2:00
28 Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ 2:00
29 The Child Catcher                                            2:00
30 A Magical Day with Mary Poppins (Group Mime)    3:52
31 Sing a Song of Sixpence (Group Mime)                4:55
32 The Magic Doll Shop (Group Mime)                     6:58
Music, Movement and Mime 1 – Storylines
1-15 High or Low? - Short examples of “Free Run” music played on piano

To demonstrate either “High” or “Low” position depending on pitch.

Great fun for children and these tracks are compatible with the ISTD

Pre Primary ballet class test music section.

16 Butterflies in the Rain -Similar to the above theme but a longer piece of music.

Now the children are “Butterflies” flying around the room and land on either “high” or “low” flowers.

17 Ghosts and Ghouls – Scary stuff
18 Wizards and Warlocks – One for the boys!
19 Witches – One for the girls!
20 Goblins, Gnomes and Hobbits – Lord of the Rings?
21 Fairies – always a favourite. Listen to the phrasing and fly

around with your wand.

22 Princess at the ball – Aurora, Cinderella, Belle
23 Music Box dolls – listen to the key winding you up.

Then off you go – but the music slows down and needs winding

up again – off we go again but our spring winds down and we

slowly stop dancing.

24 The Farmyard – Can you pretend to be a hen, a horse, a cow or

a lamb? Listen carefully to the changes in the music.

25 Insects – The group can be split into flys, grasshoppers and spiders.

(Who wants to be a spider? – maybe only the teacher!)

The fly has a lovely time flying around and shaking its wings.

The grass hoppers just love to jump.

Oh-oh! I can hear the spider coming out of its lair to look around.

Can’t catch me says the silly fly as it buzzes around – but the little fly

gets caught in the web.

The spider slowly makes its way to the fly.

But the fly tries really hard and flaps its wings very fast (twice)

and manages to escape and flies around happily.

26 Weather – Rain, Wind, Snow and Storm

Great fun – just use your imagination.

Jump over puddles, be a raindrop, be a leaf in the wind, be a snowflake, find shelter from the storm.
27 Little Red Riding Hood – The music “tells” the storyline which is

to be interpreted in character/mime.

Little Red Riding Hood is walking happily through the woods to visit her Grandma.
She stops to pick up some flowers and a wolf appears and compliments her on picking such nice flowers. Red Riding Hood tells the wolf that she can’t talk to strangers and must hurry to see her Grandma.
(The crafty wolf gets to Grannies before her and hides in her bed)
Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandmas and knocks on the door.
Wolf: “Come in my dear”
Red Riding Hood: “Granny – you don’t look well at all – what big ears you have”
Wolf: “All the better to hear you with my dear”
Red Riding Hood: “ What big eyes you have”
Wolf: “All the better to see you with”
Red Riding Hood: “But Grandma –What big TEETH you have!!!”
Wolf: “ All the better to EAT you with!!”
But Red Riding Hood is too quick for the wolf and she quickly makes her escape!
28 Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

Goldilocks is happily walking through the woods when she finds a house.
She knocks on the door but know one answers.
So she enters – warily at first…
She looks around and sees three place settings of porridge at the table.

(small, medium and large!!)
She tries each dish in turn.
Then she hears the three bears’ returning and runs away
29 The Child Catcher
“The Child Catcher” is based on the character from the 1968 film

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang originally played by Sir Robert Helpman.

A most sinister gentleman employed by Baron Bomburst to snatch and imprison children on the streets of Vulgaria.
The children hear a bell ringing in the streets and are tempted by offers of free ice cream and sweets from the child catcher. He’s driving a horse drawn very pretty carriage which supposedly contains all sorts of goodies. They come out of hiding and go through the entrance of the pretty wagon for their reward only to find themselves imprisoned in a cage. They are then wheeled away by the happy child catcher.

The music follows closely the score of the film and is quite a frightening scene for young children.

Film clip can be seen by following the link below:

30 A Magical Day with Mary Poppins (Imaginative Movement Sequence)
Jane and Michael are very unhappy because their parents are too busy to spend any time with them. They don’t want to tidy their Nursery but when Mary Poppins arrives she helps them to tidy up with magic.

“Spit-Spot” she says and clicks her fingers for the magic to begin.

Play part 1: Tidy the Nursery (A Spoonful of Sugar)
Mary Poppins takes the children to meet Bert who has drawn some chalk pictures on the pavement. Using her magic the children jump into the picture and are transported to a country fair where they take a ride on the carousel horses.
Play part 2: Jump into the chalk drawing (Carousel Music)
After a short ride the horses break free and start to race. Mary Poppins tells the children to stop their horses and it begins to rain. Suddenly the children find themselves back on the pavement . All that remains of Bert’s beautiful pictures are large puddles of colour.
Play part 3: Little April Showers
The children play in the rain on the way back home and it starts to get windy.
When they arrive back home their father gives them each a kite he has made and they all have fun flying their kites.
Play part 4: Let’s Go Fly a Kite
Mary Poppins floats away into the sky – her job done – the children are now happy. (They could wave bye bye to Mary Poppins)

Prop Idea

For the final sequence each child could make their own cardboard kite.

(Suggested size – no bigger than an A4 sheet). This can be glued firmly onto a stick with ribbons attached to the base and corners of the kite. Children could decorate their own kite.

31 Sing a Song of Sixpence (Group Character Dance)

The stage is set with little birds under a two sheets (representing the pie) at one side of the stage. On the other side of the stage are the King and Queen thrones.
King and Queen enter to fanfare
They dance
They sit down at the side of the stage

And call for the pie cutter (fanfare)

Pie is cut (sheets part) and birds all come out and dance.
They leave the stage (or stand at the sides)
The King and Queen summon the maid (fanfare)
The maid dances (whilst the King counts his money and the Queen eats her bread and honey!)
On the second chorus the maid begins to hang out the clothes

But a bird annoys her by flying close by.

She continues and a second bird flies close by.
She’s getting cross now but continues to hang out the clothes

But a third bird flies by – she’s getting really cross!

Really annoyed now but keeps on hanging out the clothes until a final bird flies up to her - And pecks off her nose!!
The little bird flies off and the King and Queen run to help the maid.
All the little birds chase the King, Queen and the maid off the stage.
One little bird comes on again and waves the maids nose at the audience before disappearing!
(Laughs and applause!!)

32 The Magic Doll Shop

This is a medley for young children consisting of various dolls that come to life when the shop owner closes his shop for the evening.

The Fairy Doll takes charge and brings each set of dolls to life with her magic wand.

The scene is set with all dolls arranged around the back and sides of the stage all asleep. The Fairy Doll wakes each set of dolls in turn and they dance for just under 1 minute. At the end of their dance each group of dolls goes back into their original places while the Fairy doll wakes up the next group.
After the final group of dolls have danced (French Dolls) the Fairy Doll waves her wand and lets all dolls dance together – until she hears the shop owner returning – and sends everyone back into their places – including herself!

Fairy Doll (solo), Clockwork Dolls, Russian Dolls, Dutch Dolls, Raggy Dolls and French Dolls

(Curtains closed/lights out)
Door Closes and shop owner walks away.
(Curtains Open/Lights up)
Clock chimes and Fairy Doll wakes up.
Solo dance (Sugar Plum Fairy – 20 bars including intro)
Fairy Doll wakes up the CLOCKWORK DOLLS
4 bar intro + 16 bars (Doll On A Music Box)
What do you see, you people gazing at me

You see a Doll on a music box that’s wound by a key

Yearning, Yearning, While I’m

Turning around and around

Fairy Doll wakes up the

24 bar dance – counting 4/4 (Dance Russe – Trepak)
Fairy Doll wakes the


24 bar dance (Little Dutch Mill)
There’s a little Dutch mill on a little Dutch hill

Where the little Dutch stars shine bright

Now a little Dutch boy and his little Dutch girl

Fell in love by the mill one night

So the little Dutch boy and the little Dutch girl

Bought the little Dutch mill on the little Dutch hill

And they added a touch of a little Dutch family.

Fairy Doll wakes the

1 bar intro + 20 bars (Raggy Dolls TV Theme Tune)
Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls), Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls)

Dolls like you and me

Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls), Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls)

Made imperfectly

So, if you’ve got a hump on your nose

Or lumps on your toes do not despair

Be like the Raggy Dolls and say “I just don’t care” ‘cos

Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls), Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls)

Are happy just to be

Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls), Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls)

Dolls like you and me
So, if you’ve got a hump on your nose

Or lumps on your toes do not despair

Be like the Raggy Dolls and say “I just don’t care” ‘cos

Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls), Raggy Dolls (Raggy Dolls)

Fairy Doll wakes the

Intro + 34 bars - counting 4/4 time (Can-Can)
Fairy Doll lets EVERYONE dance – (On You Beautiful Doll)

24 bars
Oh, you beautiful Doll, you great big beautiful doll

Let me put my arms around you, I could never live without you

Oh, you beautiful Doll, you great big beautiful Doll

If you ever leave me my heart will ache

I want to hug you but I fear you’ll break

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh you beautiful Doll
Oh, you beautiful Doll, you great big beautiful doll….(fade out)
Fairy Doll hears shop owners footsteps returning!!!!

Quick – everyone back into place.

Door opens and closes.
(Curtains close/lights dim)
(Curtains open/lights up)
(Everyone runs forward and takes a bow/curtsey before leaving the stage but not before the fairy Doll takes centre stage for a special clap from the audience)

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