Lourdes Catholic School – Faith Formation Board Thursday, October 11 at 6: 30 pm

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Lourdes Catholic School – Faith Formation Board
Thursday, October 11 at 6:30 pm
O.L.O.L. Rectory Conference Room
Approved Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order.

Diane Wendhausen

  1. Opening Prayer.

a) Father Tim led an opening prayer.

  1. Introduction of New Members and/or Guests.

Diane Wendhausen – Potential Alternate Board Member

  1. Approval of Agenda

    1. Motion to approve October 11th Agenda was made by Jenny Preston and second by second by Chuck Ripley and approved by majority of Board.

  1. Open Forum – None

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from previous month

    1. Motion to approve September Faith Formation Board Meeting Minutes was made by Chuck Ripley, second by Bridget Cravero and approved by all.

  1. Father Tim Report:

    1. 50th Anniversary of Our Lady of Lourdes Church will be November 25th. The Bishop will be present for the 10:30am Mass.

    2. A garage has been offered to the Church to replace existing one to allow for more protected and secure storage. Site will be studied to make sure it will be appropriate.

  1. Administrative Reports:

    1. David Hobin – Administrator

  • Review of distributed Principal’s Report.

  • Presented proposal for Holiday Pay for full time Aids and non teaching Staff.

    1. Jill Trannel – Lourdes Little Lancer House

  • Reviewed Report

  • Comment made to take advantage of marketing opportunities to Pre K Students.

    1. Jennifer Lynch – Religious Education & Youth Group

  • Reviewed written report.

    1. Sara Scogland – Youth Ministry Director

  • Halloween Bash for 6-8th Grade Students October 13th 7-9 at Lourdes.

  • Various upcoming activities were discussed for the Junior High and High School Students.

  1. Board Committee Reports:

    1. Building and Grounds(Jim Kersten, Kristen Tjaden, Chuck Ripley, Bridget Cravero)

              • Fall Cleanup for Little Lancer House completed

    2. Finance (Jenny Preston, Jim Kersten, Mike Vonderhaar, Andrea McGivern / Terry Powers)

              • Will meet following week.

    3. Policy & Procedure (Chuck Ripley, Amy Steil, Maria Pieper, Bridget Cravero)

              • Policy 102(a) second reading. Motion to delete policy as it is duplicate of Diocesean Policy by Bridget Cravero, 2nd by Jenny Preston and approved by majority.

              • Policy 110(a) second reading. Motion to remove policy as it is duplicate of Diocesan Policy by Chuck Ripley, 2nd by Steve Weitz and approved by majority.

              • Policy 210.1(a) first reading. Motion to approve first reading by Bridgit Cravero, 2nd by Maria Pieper and approved by majority.

              • Update to Constitution. Tabled so Board can review changes.

    4. Public Relations / Marketing

  • January 27th Catholic Schools Week. Steve Weitz will check with St. John Vianney to have David Hobin speak at 9am mass and have table top display in lobby.

    1. Executive (Father Tim Sheedy, Jim Kersten, Jenny Preston, Steve Weitz)


  1. Special Interest Group Reports:

    1. Home & School Association (Jenny Molyneaux)

              • Reviewed written report.

    2. Teacher Representative (Amy Paul)

  • No issues that were communicated from Staff.

    1. Scott County Catholic Schools Advisory Board (David Hobin, Jim Kersten, Steve Weitz)

  • Next Meeting November 12th 5:15.

    1. Assumption High School (Lisa Britt)

  • Reviewed written report.

    1. Pastoral Council (Jenny Preston)

    • No Report, meeting October 16th Tuesday.

    1. Boosters (Matt Trannel)

    • Reviewed written report.

    • Discussed location of cage in storage area, Father Tim will review.

    • Amy Paul announced that a running and conditioning club will be moving forward, more information to follow.

  1. Old Business:

    1. Pre-School money update. Finance Committee to review as part of budget process.

    2. Grant Applications

    3. Alternate to Board still needed.

  1. New Business:

    1. Credit Card being utilized. Future use and expansion to be decided.

    2. Parent Feedback we received good referrals from existing families that have added to students this year.

13) Action Items

a) Church Garage Decision

b) Catholic School Week St. John Vianney Promotion

c) Mulch on Playground

d)Budget for Next Year

  1. Next Faith Formation Board Meeting: Thursday November 15th at 6:30PM (Rectory Conference Room).

  1. Adjournment of regular session.

Motion was made by Bridget Cravero, second by Steve Weitz and approved by all to adjourn meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Weitz

Faith Formation Board Secretary

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