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Since Deftones’ inception, the multiplatinum, Grammy-Winning alternative rock band from Sacramento, CA have quietly been pursuing two paths, delivering songs defined by churning, double-fisted aggression while also testing the boundaries of music by incorporating elements of psychedelia and shoegaze. 


The Los Angeles Times wrote of Deftones, “Hard rock thrives on conflict and chaos, and no band has found more beauty and soaring aggression within those ingredients than Deftones.” Deftones have released seven albums to date and have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.


Vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, keyboardist/samplist Frank Delgado, drummer Abe Cunningham and bassist Sergio Vega, just announced that their eighth studio album, Gore, will be released April 8th.


The first single “Prayers/Triangles” can be heard HERE!
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201602 -> Album available for pre-order today at deftones. Com those who pre-order will receive instant download of first single, prayers
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