Look, listen, love it! Multimedia and lighting systems at their best at Kreil’s specialist electrical store

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Dornbirn, February 2010

Look, listen, love it!

Multimedia and lighting systems at their best at Kreil’s specialist electrical store
Creating brand identity and evoking emotions: thanks to a sophisticated lighting concept by Zumtobel, Kreil’s specialist electrical store in Dornbirn/A has managed to achieve this goal: using deliberately created lighting effects which place the high-quality products on display into the customers’ centre of attraction, while creating a unique atmosphere of excitement.
On two storeys, aficionados can enjoy sound systems as well as home cinema and multi-room systems by various manufacturers in a living-room ambience. Highly efficient Zumtobel LED spots and recessed luminaires highlight individual products and spatial elements in all their various facets, while Linaria batten luminaires provide well-balanced general lighting. “To be able to present our high-quality products in an attractive light, we opted for a high level of quality when choosing the lighting systems. Zumtobel products were the perfect choice for us – also thanks to the good advice provided,” says Raimund Kreil, Managing Director, with satisfaction.
Due to its extremely slim-line design and excellent colour rendition, the Linaria batten luminaire is especially suitable for use in prestigious areas. Installed to form a continuous row on the ceiling, the individual Linaria light lines brighten up the main rooms of the specialist store as well as the lower corridor area. Thus, Linaria’s linear design is perfectly in line with the specialist store’s modern architectural and interior style.
Upon entering the store, the customers’ attention is drawn directly to the products by perfectly positioned LED spots. Customers are directed into the store in a sophisticated way by architecture and light: a corridor lined with dark shelves leads customers along CD systems and loudspeakers by all relevant manufacturers. In this area, the multifunctional Supersystem lighting system and Hedera LED light lines set a spectacular lighting stage. Perfectly focussed LED spots installed in the shelves are directed towards the objects on display. Hedera light lines with variable colours provide dynamic background lighting, creating brilliant lighting effects for a high-class product presentation.
Various rooms branching off the main corridor add a pleasant living-room ambience to the store: walnut-design floors, thick carpets and white leather sofas invite customers to stay for a while, to look, listen, and try. Stairs lead down to the lower floor, where other small, yet elegant rooms branch off an all-white L-shaped corridor. The living room-style cubicles are pleasantly illuminated by Cardan-Spirit recessed luminaires. Thanks to their gimbal-mounted lighting heads that pivot through 45°, the recessed luminaires can be flexibly positioned in the room. Their warm light colours present the purist and modern high-tech products to optimum effect, lending them an attractive appearance. On the lower floor, Zumtobel's lighting solution package is supplemented by Paso II floor-recessed LED luminaires and 2Light Mini recessed downlights with built-in Revox loudspeakers.

Fact box:

Client: Kreil GmbH, Dornbirn/A

Architects: Heim Müller Architektur GmbH, Dornbirn/A
Lighting solution: LINARIA batten luminaires, SUPERSYSTEM lighting system, CARDAN-SPIRIT CS-E1 recessed luminaires, 2LIGHT Mini recessed luminaires with built-in Revox loudspeakers, TALEXX RGB LED luminaires, HEDERA LED-RGB light lines

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B1_ Splendid lighting at Kreil’s specialist electrical store: Linaria batten luminaires provide a particularly pleasant, uniform lighting ambience.
B2_ Linaria batten luminaires and the Supersystem lighting system blend perfectly into the specialist store’s purist, contemporary design.
B3: The focussed light provided by Supersystem LED spots perfectly directs customers’ attention to the high-quality products on display. The stairs, backlit with LEDs, create another exciting eye-catcher.

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