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Subject: History Grade: MYP 3

Teacher: Matthew Yoder School year: 2010-2011



  1. Europe at a crossroads - Early Christianity and the Fall of Rome

(12 lessons)

The Eastern Mediterranean in the time of Jesus

The death of Marcus Aurelius – the last of a dying breed

Who were the Barbarians and where did they come from?

Diocletian – The George W. Bush of the Ancient World?

Constantine, the Christianization of Rome and the relocation to the East

The Great Ecumenical Counsels and the early teachings of the Christian Church

Augustine and the City of God

The End

  1. The roots, rise and spread of Islam

(6 lessons)

The Arabian peninsula and the near east in the time of Muhammad

The conquest of Mecca and the spread of Islam in the Arabian peninsula

The Koran and the teachings of Islam

The caliphate and the spread of Islam beyond the Arabian peninsula

The Golden Age of Islam, the Abbasid Empire and the relocation of the capital to Baghdad, Mesopotamia

  1. Who turned the lights off? Why were the dark ages dark?

(16 lessons)

Characteristics of the dark age
The invasions continued

Church of Rome as the wester n bearer of continuities with the Roman Empire

Will the real Roman Emperor please stand up? The East/West divide in the age of Charlemagne
Caught between the East and West – the Greater Moravian Empire, the Franks and the Byzantines
Anglo-Saxon England

  1. A New Millennium – Y1K

(12 lessons)

The Norman conquest and its consequences
The Great Schism
Feudal England and France
Trade and Economics in the Middle Ages
Daily life in the Middle Ages
Knights in Shining Armor? What were knights really like and what were they for?
War in the Middle Ages
Deus Vult – the factors and motivations behind the first crusades
The impact of the crusades on Europe and the Middle East

  1. The High Middle Ages and the Golden Age of the Roman Church

(10 lessons)

The rise of medieval heretical sects and the Church’s response
The mendicant orders – St. Francis and St. Dominic
The power struggle between Church and State
Gothic architecture and artistic expression in the Middle Ages
Dante and medieval man’s quest for God
Thomas Aquinas and Medieval Thought

  1. Europe in Crises – the End of the Middle Ages

(10 lessons_

The rise of central governments and monarchies

The Great Plague – “Black death”

The 100 (+16) Years war

The end of the crusades and the beginning of the age of exploration

Trade and commerce in the late middle ages


Health & Social: The Great Plague of the Middle Ages – how epidemics spread and affect the economy and culture of a civilization. (Unit 6)

Community & Service: The idea of community in early Christian thought. Did this revolution lead to the downfall of Rome? (Unit 1) Civic life in feudal Europe. (Unit 4)

Human Ingenuity: A comparison between medieval Europe and the golden age of Islam. (Unit 2 &3)

Environments: Francis of Assisi and the impact of nature on his thought. (Unit 5)


  • Our kinship with civilizations across time

  • Islam and Europe

  • The East/West divide in the Christian Church

  • Global trade as a historical phenomenon


Textbooks :

Armento et al, A Message of Ancient Days, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1994, Boston, USA

Schimek et al, steps towards European Citizenship, Stadtschulrat fur Wien,Vienna

Armento et al, Across the Centuries, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1994, Boston, USA

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