Long lane welsh agreement of sale buyer: breeder/seller

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Brenda M. Trofanenko

21 Finch Court

Canaan, NS B4N 0C7

Canada 902.698.7668


On this date, April 26, 2014, Brenda M. Trofanenko, Seller, hereby release a female Welsh Springer Spaniel to the above purchaser/buyer, for the purpose of pet/companion; and that the said Welsh Springer Spaniel must be registered with the following surname LONG LANE WINTER BLESSING (AKC registered kennel name), for the purchase price of XXX dollars ($XXXX).

Name: Long Lane Winter Blessing (Winnie)

AKC Registration Number: SRXXXXXXXX

Sire: AM Grand Champion Ivywild Seven Blessings CHIC ‘Freedom’ SR56524301

Dam: AM/CA/INT Champion Limberlost S’more CHIC ‘Teddy’ SR57908305

Whelped: March 4, 2014 Sex: Female Color: Red and White

Additional Terms: Breeder certifies that a true copy of the dog’s pedigree accompanies this agreement.

In accordance with the American Kennel Club (AKC) breeding regulations, the Breeder of said Welsh Springer Spaniel, Brenda M. Trofanenko, must be notified in the event of death, breeding or change of ownership. The Seller/Breeder states that the said Welsh Springer Spaniel is of full and registered bloodlines from the said sire and dam as indicated on the litter registration papers.
The seller/breeder guarantee the said Welsh Springer Spaniel:
(1) And the attending veterinarian believes this puppy to be in good health at the time of purchase. To be of sound temperament and to be free from any health problems for the first 72 hours after buyer takes possession. On April 24, 2014, the puppy was given a physical examination and first vaccination. It is recommended that buyer have the puppy examined by a veterinarian during this time period. NO VACCINATIONS SHOULD BE GIVEN AT THIS VISIT. A full refund will be given if said puppy is returned during this three-day period for temperament or health problems. Accidents and/or abuse and/or neglect during buyer’s possession are not grounds for a refund.
(2) To be free from any hereditary defects that would render said Welsh Springer Spaniel unsuitable as a show/breeding prospect. In the event a veterinarian recommends euthanasia because of any hereditary defect, we the sellers/breeders will replace said puppy with another of show/breeding quality as soon as one becomes available. The buyer must contact the sellers/breeders in writing or by phone to maintain this contract. If for humane reasons, euthanasia occurs prior to contact with the sellers/breeders, a written statement from the veterinarian must be furnished to the sellers/breeders. Accidents and/or abuse and/or neglect during buyer’s possession are not ground for replacement.
(3) Under either of the above events, a full refund will be made after the return of the Puppy to the Seller. The Buyer and Seller will split the return shipping costs.
The buyer agrees to provide adequate and necessary vaccinations and good health care for the life of the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Yearly checkups and booster vaccinations as needed are required. The buyer also agrees to keep said Welsh Springer Spaniel in a safe environment, preferably confined in a fenced yard when outside, and to not let said Welsh Springer Spaniel run at large unsupervised.
The Seller makes no representations, warranties or guarantees other than those described above regarding the health, temperament or level of performance of the Puppy in competitive activities.
The buyer agrees to have said Welsh Springer Spaniel’s hips and elbows x-rayed and evaluated either by OFA or by PennHip between 24-26 months of age. The buyer also agrees to have a full thyroid panel done at the time hips and elbows are done. An eye exam performed by a board certified ophthalmologist is also required and should, at a minimum, be done every other year. Copies of final reports are to be sent to the breeders.

Should the buyer, at any time, be unable or no longer wish to keep Welsh Springer Spaniel, the buyer agrees to offer the right of first refusal to the sellers/breeders. If they are unable to accept, the sellers/breeders will assist with the placement of said Welsh Springer Spaniel and they must be notified of the name, address and telephone number of the new owners. It is further agreed that the said Welsh Springer Spaniel will not be sold to pet shops or to any other wholesale or retail buyer, nor will any puppies produced by said Welsh Springer Spaniel be sold to pet shops or to any other wholesale or retail buyer.

The buyer agrees to maintain regular contact with the sellers/breeders regarding health information, training progress, problems or questions. This information is of great value to the sellers/breeders in evaluation their breeding program. The buyer and sellers both agree to notify each other promptly of any changes in telephone number or address so that contact may be maintained.
The buyer agrees to attend and complete group puppy training classes and/or one set of basic group obedience classes which utilizes motivational training methods (and not to participate in any training classes which promote/advocate hitting, jerking or yelling at the dog) prior to the above named dog attaining 8 months of age.
Signatures below indicate that all parties understand the above terms and conditions and are in total agreement.
Seller/Breeder: Buyers:

Brenda M. Trofanenko

Long Lane Welsh



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