Lock closures and delays

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh 11 March 2009

Operations Division

SUBJECT: March 2009 Meeting


1. LOCK CLOSURES AND DELAYS - The following is the schedule of lock closures and delays through 31 March 2009.

The single 84 foot x 600 foot lock chamber at Point Marion Lock and Dam will be closed intermittently during the period of 23 March through 3 April 2009. It is estimated that the total intermittent closure time will not exceed 20 hours per week; with a maximum closure period of 8 hours in any one day.

Concurrent Lock Closures – There will be concurrent closures for Emsworth and Dashields L/D’s 6 thru 24 July 2009 (19 days).
Emsworth L/D, Ohio River will be dewatering single 110’ X 600’ Main Lock. The large chamber (110’ x 600’) will be closed and the small chamber (56’ x 360’) will be open, expect major delays to navigation.
Dashields L/D, Ohio River will repair 100’ x 600’ Main Lock Miter Gates. The large chamber (110’ x 600’) will be closed and the small chamber (56’ x 360’) will be open, expect major delays to navigation.
2. RECOMMENDED INTERNET SITES - The following sites are recommended for the most up-to-date navigation information.
a. Daily Navigation Conditions: www.lrd-wc.usace.army.mil/text/pitrpti.txt

b. Current River Conditions: http://wmw.lrp.usace.army.mil

c. District Navigation Notices: www.lrp.usace.army.mil/or/or-f/navrpt.htm
The Inland Waterways Users Board Meeting was held in Vicksburg, MS 19 thru 20 February 2009, this was the 60th meeting.
The 2009 Inland Waterways Conference, held jointly by the United States Coast Guard, United States Army Corp of Engineers, Towing Industry, Passenger Vessel Industry, and various facilities along the Inland Waterways, was held 3 thru 5 March 2009, in Nashville Tennessee.
Walsh Construction, Contractor for Pennsylvania Turnpike will be constructing a four-lane concrete box girder bridge supported by two river piers constructed from causeways, over the Monongahela River at about Mile 59.1 near Denbo (Vesta No. 6), PA Washington County, Pennsylvania. Navigational clearance during construction will be about 345 feet. The work will be performed from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday beginning Monday, 2 March 2009 and ending February 7, 2011. During this work, the M/V Okan Express provided by Ed McGavin would move the 40-foot x 50-foot, 7-foot draft Shugart Barge floating plant mounting a Reed SK 35 truck-mounted drill rig. The plant will include an 18-foot Skiff boat for safety.
Repair/Maintenance Schedule for 2009 & 2010 – The much-discussed concurrent closure of Emsworth and Dashields main lock chambers for the period of 6 thru 24 July 2009 has been included in the revised 2009-2010 Repair/Maintenance Schedule. Two other minor changes to the schedule with low impact to the navigation industry have been made and Industry will have the opportunity to comment on these changes before they are implemented.
Command Week at LRD - Cincinnati, OH - The Commander, Col. Crall, DPM, Lenna Hawkins, Chief Operations (ChOP) Richard Lockwood will be out of the office 16 thru 20 March 2009.
Deputy Chief of Operations Division – John Cheek from Louisville District has accepted a detail for the Deputy Chief of Operations Division, Pittsburgh District for 120 days. His start date is 15 March 2009 thru 11 July 2009 with a possible extension.
Forest L. Wood Cup Tournament - It is Official that Pittsburgh will host the Forest L. Wood Cup Tournament in 2009. It is estimated that it will generate at least $35 million to the city. Coverage to the event will be broadcasted to 81 million people in the United States on Fox Sports Net, and to more than 429 million households in the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East via Matchroom Sport.; more information to follow.
Notice is hereby given that beginning 1 March 2009 the USACE – Pittsburgh District will no longer send Notices to Navigation Interests by e-mail. In order to view these notices, you must access the USACE – Pittsburgh District web page at www.lrp.usace.army.mil/or/or-f/navrpt.htm.



Chief, Operations Division


Prepared for Waterways Assn. of Pittsburgh Meeting 3/11/09

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Pittsburgh PA

For the latest river and weather forecasts--http://www.weather.gov/pittsburgh


February was a rather benign weather month with below normal precipitation and near normal temperatures. The most significant weather and hydrologic event occurred from 7 – 12 February when warm temperatures melted most of the snow pack. Snowmelt and a 1.00 - 1.50 inch rainfall across northwest Pennsylvania combined to move all of the ice out of the Allegheny basin.
Overall precipitation totals for the month were below normal as was snowfall. There were only two significant rainfall events of an inch or more on 10-11 February and 27 February. Precipitation averaged 1.50 – 1.75 inches which was 0.50 – 1.00 inch below normal.
At the Pittsburgh International Airport monthly precipitation was 1.56 inches, which is 0.18 of an inch below normal. Temperature averaged 0.7 of a degree above normal. Snowfall for February was 7.1 inches which is 1.4 inches below normal.
For the first 10 days of March temperatures were 3.6 degrees/day above normal and precipitation was 0.33 of an inch which is 0.66 of an inch below normal. The seasonal snowfall total is 39.5 inches which is 5.3 inches above normal


From 7-12 February temperatures averaged nearly 15 degrees/day above normal which eliminated virtually all of the snow pack in the region. Ice began moving out of the upper Allegheny River near Oil City on 11 February. The ice continued to move out of the Allegheny River through 12 February. By late in the day on 12 February, moving ice stretched about 75 miles from the Montgomery Locks and Dam to near Kittanning.
Average monthly flows were near normal in the Monongahela River basin and above normal elsewhere. River rises from 8-12 February were 6 - 12 feet on the Allegheny River, 5 – 7 feet on the Monongahela River, and 6 – 15 feet on the Ohio River. A second minor rise of 2 – 4 feet occurred on 27 - 28 February on the Allegheny and, Ohio Rivers.


The high water potential is below normal for the Monongahela River and near normal on the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers. Flows are 20 - 50% of normal In the Monongahela River, 200-300% of normal in the Allegheny River, and 150% of normal on the Ohio River. The recent warm period has eliminated the snow cover in the upper Ohio River Valley. A widespread 2.0 to 2.5 inches of rain and/or snowmelt in 6 to 12 hours will bring rivers to bankfull.


Today…Becoming partly cloudy. Temperature in the mid 40s.

Tonight…Partly cloudy. Low in the lower 20s.

Thursday…Mostly sunny. High in the upper 30s.

Thursday night…Partly cloudy. Low near 20.

Friday…Mostly sunny. High near 45.

Friday night…Partly cloudy. Low in the upper 20s.

Saturday…Partly cloudy. High in the lower 50s.

Saturday night…Partly cloudy. Low in the upper 20s.

Sunday…Mostly cloudy. High in the lower 50s

Monday… Mostly cloudy. Low in the upper 30s. High in the lower 50s

Tuesday… Mostly cloudy. Low in the upper 30s. High in the lower 50s
8-14 Day Outlook…below normal temperature and near normal precipitation.

Mar Outlook...near normal temperature and flows

Mar-Apr-May Outlook…near normal temperature and flows

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