Location and Information about Trees & Economic Plants Ponape Agricultural Station

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Location and Information about Trees & Economic Plants
Ponape Agricultural Station

Species/ Notes Family Common name Category Status

Artocarpus altilis, A.mariannensis Moraceae Breadfruit Staple, fruit Most not fruiting t 23 large trees growing mainly on library side of entrance drive; four on left side of drive near main gate.

Tabebuia pallida Bignoniaceae Ornamental Flowers Inside front entrance gate on left side. Pink flowers.

Moringa oleifera Moringaceae Horseradish tree Ethnobotanical Beside tabebuia.

Syzygium aromaticum Myrtaceae Clove Spice Flowers tagged as Syzygium caryophyllus: 12 trees planted 4-5 years ago in two rows parallel to entrance drive. Haven't produced yet.

Cassia javanica Fabaceae Pink & white shower Ornamental Few fl, no pods tagged as Cassia sp.

0 Carcinia sp. Clusiaceae - - Flowers Tall, columnar with drooping branches. (430-40 ft. Across from Penny Hotel near fence.

Canarium sp. Bursaraceae - Nut Nuts Tasty nuts, purple-black with orange pulp, hard shell

Araucaria heterophylla Araucariaceae Norfolk Island Pine Ornamental, Timber - Two rows of five trees with middle row of two trees.

Parinari sp. Chrysobalanaceae Ethnobotanical 1 fruit

One, possibly two trees, growing at end of clove trees, along near edge of parking area where it curves off from entrance drive.

0 Cogsia fistula Fabaceae Golden shower Ornamental Flower tagged as Cassia sp.:Large tree at end of parking area

Roystonia elata Arecaceae Florida Royal Palm Ornamental Fl/fruit tagged as Roystonia sp.:Along both sides of entrance drive and solitary tree by x side of walkway to office.

Ptychosperma sp. Arecaceae Ornamental Fl/ fruit Small, 4-stemmed. plant (native species is solitary) by right-hand post of walkway gate. Transplanted from original clump by weather station. There are two large clumps at both ends of front of weather station, reach to roofline.


Latania lodiggesii Arecaceae Blue Latan Ornamental

Inside office compound on right side of walkway. Another large one on left side of entrance road at the end of the royal palms.

Phoenix roebelenii Arecaceae Dwarf/Pygmy Date Palm Ornamental Fl/fruit Interspersed with Royal Palms along right side of entrance drive.

Species/ Notes Family Common name Category Status

Areca catechu Arecaceae Betel Palm Ethnobotanical Fl/imm. fruit Tall, spindly palms interspersed with Royal Palms on both sides of entrance drive. Possibly from Yap.

Ravenala madagascarensis Strelitziaceae Traveller's Tree Ornamental Flowers Two large clumps on right side of entrance drive, near weather station.

Dypsis lutescens Arecaceae Areca/Bamboo Palm Ornamental Fl/fruit Small clump on right side of entrance drive near weather station.

Livistonia sp. Arecaceae Ornamental - Very tall fan palm, @15 m, left side of entrance drive opposite the areca.

Arenga engleri Arecaceae Ornamental -

tagged as Unidentified: Very dark green leaves, low clumping. Black, fibrous leaf sheaths. Left side of entrance drive near blue latan & fence.

Samanea saman Fabaceae Monkeypod/ Rain Tree Shade Large tree inside office compound on right side of walkway.

Cordyline fruticosa Agavaceae Ti Ornamental Flowers Growing at base of monkeypod.

Cyrtostachys renda Arecaceae Sealing Wax Palm Ornamental Growing by fence inside office compound on left side of walkway.

Averrhoa carambola Oxalidaceae Carambola/Starfruit Fruit Fl/fruit By sealing wax palm, others behind weather station with other fruit trees.

Pterocarpus indicus Fabaceae Burmese Rosewood Timber Pods Large, old tree with buttress roots growing at rear corner of office building.

Livistona chinensis Arecaceae Chinese Fan Palm Ornamental - Growing at left rear corner of office building.

Eucalyptus deglupta Myrtaceae Painted/Mindanao Gum Timber-Large tree growing with Livistona & Dracaena at left rear corner of building.


Azadirarchta indica Meliaceae Neem MPT Small tree by painted gum.

Dracaena sp. Agavaceae Ornamental Growing by painted gum.

Myristica fragrans Myristicaceae Nutmeg/Mace Spice Fl/fruit Planted in the 1970s. Seedlings were to be raised and distributed. Two male trees, two female trees, and two trees with male/ female flowers by fence.

Species/Notes Family Common name Category Status

Coffea arabica Rubiaceae Coffee Beverage Fl/ fruit Many coffee shrubs planted in spice garden.

Piper nigrum Piperaceae Pepper Spice Fl/fruit Vines growing on tree fern supports, building side of coffee/ spice area.

Cinnamomum verum Lauraceae Cinnamon Spice 1 with fruits tagged as Cinnamomum zeylanicum: Small tree in coffee/spice area; two parallel rows along fence under Terminalia trees.

Terminalia sp. Combretaceae Nut/timber Fruits Five tall trees in spice area, growing by side road.

Intsia bijuga Fabaceae Borneo Teak Timber

Large tree inside office compound, left side of building before cinnamon. On opposite side of fence from Canarium.

Cycas circinalis Cycadaceae Cycad Ornamental - Left front corner of office building, near spice area.

Livistona sp. Arecaceae Ornamental Growing by cycad.

Bambusa sp. Poaceae Bamboo Ornamental Growing inside office compound by Intsia.

Ixora coccinea Rubiaceae Ixora Ornamental Flowers Grown as hedge in front of weather station. This variety has pale yellow flowers.

Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae African Tulip Tree Ornamental Pest Flowers Small tree located near nitrogen-fixing tree nursery. Others scattered around station.

Morinda citrifolia Rubiaceae Indian mulberry Ethnobotanical Small tree. Located at corner of nitrogen-fixing tree nursery


Acacia auriculiformis Fabaceae Timber Pods Large tree growing along road by nursery, ear-shaped, twisty pods.

Pterocarpus indicus Fabaceae Burmese Rosewood Timber Pods Several trees along road by nursery.

Cassia fistula Fabacaeae Gold shower tree Ornamental Flower One located beside citrus tree with fig, other nearby has 4 trunks.

Aegle marmelos Rutaceae Bael tree Fruit Fl/ fruit Located at mauka end of garage past the nursery. Large trunk with strangler fig overtaking the tree. Small fruit. Fragrant flowers.

Dillenia indica Dilleniaceae Elephant apple Ornamental Fruit Large trunk. Located mauka of citrus.

Species/ Notes Family Common name Category Status

Lagerstroemia speciosa Lythraceae Giant crepe myrtle Ornamental Fruit Large tree, purple flowers. In row between aegle and blighia.

Blighia sapida Sapindaceae Akee Fruit Fruit Small tree with numerous fruits, in row along building, next to eggfruit.

Manilkara zapota Sapotaceae Sapodilla/chicle Fruit Imm. fruit tagged as Achras zapota: Small tree in row between cassia and eggfruit.

Pouteria campechiana Sapotaceae Eggfruit Fruit In row along building between akee and paperbark.

Melaleucca quiquenervia Myrtaceae Paperbark/Cajeput Ornamental Fl/fruit In row along building between eggfruit and santol.

Diospyros digyna Ebenaceae Black sapote Fruit Imm. Fruit Two trees. Both in row ending with santol

Sandoricum koetjape Meliaceae Santol Fruit Fruit In row beside black sapote.

Averrhoa carambola Oxalidaceae Starfruit Fruit Fl/fruit Small tree, laden with flowers and fruits. In row along building.

Undetermined sp. Fabacaceae Growing beside black sapote.

Artocarpus heterophyllus Moraceae Jackfruit Fruit Juvenile


Small tree, located by concrete tank and quarantine office.

Garcinia mangostana Clusiaceae Mangosteen Fruit Fl, Fruits Approximately 20 trees growing in field townward of quarantine office. Mature, with abundant fruits. Two trees overgrown by strangler figs.

Pouteria campechiana Sapotaceae Eggfruit Fruit - Small tree growing in field past farm garden; along road bordering compost shed.

Eugenia uniflora Myrtaceae Suriname cherry Fruit Fruit In row by eggfruit. Another tree is growing at far edge of field past acerola.

Terminalia sp. Combretaceae Timber Two large trees along road at end of fruit tree planting. Same species as in spice area.

Nephelium lappaceum Sapindaceae Rambutan Fruit Many imm. fruit
Single tree in fruit tree field past farm garden. Six large, mature trees are located on far side of ditch past star apple. Two have fallen.
Species/Notes Family Common name Category Status

Garcinia xanthochymus Clusiaceae False mangosteen Fruit Imm. fruit Large tree. Located in row beside rambutan.

Unidentified tree

Growing beside false mangosteen.

Lansium domesticum Meliaceae Langsat Fruit Six trees in middle of fruit tree section. Two horizontal rows of three trees.

Averrhoa carambola Oxalidaceae Starfruit Fruit Fl/ fruit Growing in first row of langsat.

Averrhoa bilimbi Oxalidaceae Cucumber tree/bilimbi Fruit Fl., fr. Large tree with black bark, twisted branches. Growing by ditch beside starfruit.

Malpighia glabra Malpighiaceae Acerola/ Barbados cherry Fruit, Vit. C Fl., fr. tagged as Malpighia punicifolia: Two trees one small tree with a large trunk. Growing in back rows beside langsat.

Psidium guajava Myrtaceae Guava Fruit Four trees.

Flacourtia sp. 1 Flacourtiaceae Fruit Fruit Fallen trunk, large leaves, small red, very tart fruit. Growing along edge of fruit field past guavas. This one is nearest the ditch.

No fl., fr. Imm. fr. Fruits


Flacourtia sp.2 Flacourtiaceae Fruit Growing along edge of fruit field past guavas.

Chrysophyllum cainito Sapotaceae Star Apple Fruit

Very large tree, undersides of leaves are rust-colored. Round, smooth, purple fruit. Growing on far side of ditch.

Pachira aquatica Bombacaceae Malabar chestnut Nut, ornamental Two green-barked small trees. Growing along ditch past the star apple.

Miscelleneous trees growing beyond processing plant: Ceiba, Pterocarpus, teak, african tulip, mahogany, painted gum.

Tim Flynn, Dr. David Lorence, Dr. Diane Ragone December 9-10, 1997

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