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A. Publications dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture/ publications in international peer-reviewed journals

A130) MONCEAU, K., CEZILLY, F., MOREAU, J., MOTREUIL, S. & WATTIER, R. 2013. Colonisation and diversification of the Zenaida dove (Zenaida aurita) in the Antilles: Phylogeography,contemporary gene flow and morphological divergence. PLoS ONE, 8: e82189.

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A128) DECHAUME-MONCHARMONT, F.-X., FREYCHET, M., MOTREUIL, S. & CEZILLY, F. (2011). Female mate choice in convict cichlids is transitive and consistent with a self-referent directional preference. Frontiers in Zoology,10: 69.

A 127) PERROT-MINNOT, M.-J., DION, E. & CEZILLY, F. (2013). Modulatory effects of the serotonergic and histaminergic systems on reaction to light in the crustacean Gammarus pulex. Neuropharmacology, 75: 31-37.

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A124) MONCEAU, K., WATTIER, R., DECHAUME-MONCHARMONT, F.-X. & CEZILLY, F. 2013. Heterozygosity-Fitness Correlations in Adult and Juvenile Zenaida Dove, Zenaida aurita. Journal of Heredity, 104: 47-56.

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