List of Attractive Cherry Trees in Vancouver Red color marks for common names and scientific names Purple color marks from Trees of Vancouver Blue color marks new additions March: Higan (Rosebud) Cherry

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List of Attractive Cherry Trees in Vancouver

Red color marks for common names and scientific names

Purple color marks from Trees of Vancouver

Blue color marks new additions


Higan (Rosebud) Cherry (Prunus subhirtella):

Autumn Flowering Cherry (Autumnalis):

Graveley Street: Lillooet to Windermere Street
Wallace Street: 39~41 Ave.
Yukon Street: 14~15 Ave.
Fraser Street: 60~61 Ave.
42nd Ave. between Collingwood and Blenheim, south side

Autumn Rosebud Cherry (Autumnalis Rosea):
42nd and Yew
NE side of Pacific Blvd between Burrard & Thurlow St.
Double Weeping Rosebud Cherry (Pendula Plena Rosea):
49th Ave. and Marguerite


Whitcomb Cherry (Prunus subhirtella):

998 West 26 Ave. at Oak Street
McSpadden Park at 5th Avenue and Victoria Drive
Ash St. & 49th Ave.
On east side of Marguerite St. btw King Edward and 28 Ave.

On west side of Marine Crescent and 49 Ave.
On Dumfries Street: 32~33rd Ave

Accolade Cherry (dark pink, 10~12 petals, mid March):
East 48 Ave.: Victoria to Nanaimo Street
East 5 Ave.: Nootka to Lillooet Street
Along Yew St. from 43~46 Ave.
Tisdale Park at 49th
Around City Hall at 12 Ave & Cambie St.
Along 61 Ave. from Ontario to Manitoba

On Laurel St. from 19 Ave. to 20 Ave.

On west side of Marguerite St. btw King Edward and 28 Ave.

On 50 Ave. from Marine Crescent to MacDonald St.

17th and 19th Ave. between Renfrew and Rupert      

Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis):
Wellington Ave.: Picton to Reid Street (SW of 29 Ave. & Rupert Street)
Fleming & 22nd (off Knight) early March
Along 2000 block of UBC Lower Mall

At entrance to UBC Nitobe Garden at 6500 NW Marine Drive.

West 33 Ave. at entrance of Queen Elizabeth Park

Lower Rose Garden of Stanley Park

Sutcliffe Park by False Creek Community Centre at Granville Island

Kitsilano Beach Park at Cornwall Ave. & Yew St.

Akebono (Daybreak) Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis):

Burrard Skytrain Station
West 50 Ave. between Macdonald & Marine Drive
East 59 Ave.: Fraser to Prince Albert Street
East 6 Ave.: Penticton to Slocan Street
Osler Street: 59~64 Ave.
Cambie to Tupper Street: 17 Ave.; 19 Ave.; 20 Ave.
Melbourne Park at 3530 Vanness Ave @ Melbourne St
Stanley Park: North of tennis courts & around Pitch & Putt

Queen Elizabeth Park: SW parking area

South side of 39 Ave. (Dunbar to Blenheim);

Manitoba St. (39~43 Ave.)

Maple Grove Park: Southeast corner

On Kullahun Dr, south of SW Marine Dr. to Shaughnessy Golf Club

64 Ave. between Ash and Heather St.
25th Ave. and Boundary

Early April:

Okame Cherry:

Btw Asian Centre and parkade at UBC


Mikurama-gaeshi Cherry (Prunus serrulata):

SE corner of Cambie St. & 19 Ave. in Queen Elizabeth Park

On 41 Ave. btw Granville & Oak St.

On 18 Ave. btw Arbutus & MacKenzie St.

Chilco Street between Comox and Nelson Street

Rancho Sargent Cherry (Prunus sargentii):
Davie Street: Burrard to Thurlow Street

57 Ave. from Main to Ontario St.

43 Ave. from knight St. to Inverness St.

North side of west Stirling St. to Gladstone St.

East of Pitch & Putt Golf Course in Stanley Park
Puget Drive and Narvaez 

Amanogawa Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
Davie Street: Thurlow to Bute Street
Victoria Street: Powell to Triumph Street; Pandora to Franklin Street

South side of 12 Ave. btw Oak & Laurel St.

East side of Vine St. btw 12~12 Ave.
Pink Perfection Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
Dumfries Street: East 15~18 Ave.
East 54 Ave.: Killarney to Kerr Street
Heather Street: 50~54 Ave.
West 10 Ave.: Discovery to Sasamat Street
Mount Fuji (Shirotae, Kojima)Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
Templeton Drive: Graveley Street to First Ave.
West 60 Ave.: Ontario to Manitoba Street

At corner of 10 Ave. & Alma Street

700 block of 63 Ave. between Ash and Heather St.

Japanese Monument pathway from parking lot/children�s zoo to the Japanese Memorial

UBC Regent College at the corner of University Blvd and Westbrook Mall: cultivar tba
Great White (Tai Haku) Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
On the east side of Blenheim St. from 38~41 Ave.,

Seaforth Park W/S Burrard & Cornwall

66 Ave. from East Blvd to Adera St.

On north side of 39 Ave. from Dunbar to Blenheim St.

Medium of 16 Ave. from Crown to Dunbar St.

Kwanzan Cherry (Prunus serrulata):

Bute Street: Barclay to Burnaby Street 
West area:
Alberta Street: 38~42 Ave.; 44~48 Ave.
Argyle Street: 32~33 Ave.; 37~47 Ave.
Balaclava Street: 6~8 Ave.; 10~11 Ave.; 15~19 Ave.
Bellevue Drive: Tolmie to Blanca Street, north of 2 Ave. 
East area:
Austrey Ave.: 3315~3362, McHardy to Joyce Street, north of Collingwood Park
Brock Street: Nanaimo to Clarendon Street, south of East 29 Ave.
Charles Street: Commercial to Templeton Street
East 22 Ave.: Prince Edward to Carolina St.; Windsor to Inverness St.; Nanaimo to Renfrew St.; Windermere to Rupert St.
East 51 Ave.: Ontario to Fraser Street
Union Street: Campbell Ave. to Raymur Ave.
Along Trutch St. btw 7~8 Ave.

On Laburnum St.: 39~40 Ave.

On Willow St. between 37th and 39th

7th Avenue from Hemlock to Cambie and Cambie to Main Street

11th Ave. east of Yukon Street

St Catherines Street from 16th to Broadway   

Glen Street from 16th to Broadway 

17th and 19th Ave. between Renfrew and Rupert      

Sieboldii (Takasago) Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
Montcalm Street: 70~73 Ave., east of Hudson Street
Tolmie Street: 4~5 Ave.
2090 Turner Street

38 Ave. from Blenheim to Dunbar St.

60 Ave. from Cambie to Heather St.

27 Ave. from Crown to Camosun St.


Ukon Cherry (Prunus serrulata):

Churchill St. btw 47~49 Ave.

Medium of 16 Ave. from MacDonald to Blenheim St.

Paperbark (Tebetan) Cherry (Prunus Serrula):

3297 Blenheim Street @ 17 Ave.

SE corner of King Edward Ave. & Valley Drive

SW corner of Comox St. &btw Denman & Gilford St.


Plena Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium):

On Kerr Street, north of 49th Ave.

West side of Highbury St. from 1~4 Ave.

On north side of 29 Ave. btw Cambie to Dinmont Ave

On 51 Ave. from Fraser to Ross St.

In front of Canadian National Railways btw Station & Main St.
Late April:
Shirofugen Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
East 27 Ave.: St. George to Fraser Street
East Pender Street: Heatley to Campbell Street
West 26 Ave.: Osler to Selkirk Street

On Vivian Street by Fraserview Golf Course

Median of King Edward Ave. btw Crown & Wallace St.
Chilco Street between Comox and Nelson Street
Shogetsu (Oko Miyako, Shimidsu) Cherry (Prunus serrulata):
3925 West King Edward Ave.

Trafalgar St. btw 34~41 Ave, (4989 Trafalgar; 5457 Trafalgar)

On a hill on the south of Student Union Building at UBC

Behind Lutheran Campus Centre at Westbrook Mall & University Blvd at UBC

35 Ave. btw Carnarvon & Blenheim St.


List of Attractive Cherry Trees in Vancouver

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