Lisa Gerrard – Bio

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Lisa Gerrard – Bio
"Music is a Place to take Refuge. It's a Sanctuary from Mediocrity and Boredom. It's Innocent and it's a Place you can loose yourself in Thoughts, Memories and Intricacies..." Lisa Gerrard.
Over a career that takes in almost two decades with Dead Can Dance, award-winning movie soundtracks and a series of acclaimed solo and collaborative albums, Lisa Gerrard has established herself as one of Australia's most ground-breaking and in-demand artists.
Lisa brings a vision that is both precise and all-embracing to everything she does. She is known for using a idiosyncratic language which she has developed since the age of 12 and helps her to connect with people on a deeper level than words can often achieve.
Her voice has been described by many music journalists as rich, jaw dropping, deep, dark and mournful but most would agree, incredibly unique.
In recent years Lisa has established herself as one of the most highly sought-after film composers in the world, wining major awards for her scores including a Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination for her work on Gladiator.
Among the many other films and documentaries she has scored or contributed to are Insider, Whale Rider, Black Hawk Down, Heat, Ali, King Arthur, Tears Of The Sun, The Mist, Salem's Lot, A Thousand Roads, Ashes & Snow, Layer Cake, El Nino de la Luna, Henry Poole Is Here, Solo, Playing For Charlie & Ichi
In 2009 Lisa’s score to Robert Connelly’s critically acclaimed film Balibo gave her 4 industry award nominations including winning Best Feature Film Score at the Screen Music Awards.
More recently Lisa has completed scores to Oranges and Sunshine, Jonathan Teplitzky’s highly anticipated Burning Man and co-composed the sequel to Baraka, Samsara.

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