Lindsay and Lucy Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Policy May 2015

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Lindsay and Lucy Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Policy

May 2015

The Fund and Fund Management

The Lindsay and Lucy Duff Nutrition Trip Fund (the “LL Duff Fund”) is a permanent fund. Investment returns will be used to provide annual travel stipends. The principal will not be used, except in the first year of the Fund when up to $3,000 may be withdrawn for student awards. It is the intent of WOMEN’S GLOBAL CONNECTION to begin making awards in 2015.

The monies in the Fund are to be invested and monitored by the Finance Committee of WOMEN’S GLOBAL CONNECTION. Award sizes and the number of awards each year will vary based on the number of qualifying applicants, amount of earnings available, and other factors. The Finance Committee will report the amount of earnings available for awards. Based on that information, the LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee will determine the number and size of awards to be made each year. The minimum size award is $1000; if earnings fall below $1000 in a given year, no award will be given the following year.
The Lindsay and Lucy Duff Nutrition Trip Fund may be terminated by vote of the Finance Committee of WOMEN’S GLOBAL CONNECTION. If this occurs, the Fund’s remaining assets will be distributed by the LL Duff Fund Advisory Committee as stipends in accordance with the eligibility and selection requirements until all of the assets have been used. If there is no possibility of further stipends but funds remain, the balance will be transferred to The University of the Incarnate Word for Nutrition student scholarships.
Eligibility for Awards

The award is designed to assist UIW Nutrition students needing funds for travel with WGC immersion trips so that they can contribute to and participate in a WGC project on site. WGC seeks well-rounded applicants with a desire to further their involvement in WGC. Any questions about eligibility to apply for the travel award will be resolved by the LL Duff Fund Advisory Committee.

Criteria: Minimum junior-senior status, Nutrition major, 18 years of age required.
A student may apply for an award from the LL Duff Fund more than once. The priority in giving a student more than one award is that he or she is working on an ongoing nutrition project with a faculty member. Otherwise, it is recommended that first time applicants receive priority in the granting of awards when there are more qualified applicants than awards available; the final decision for all awards will be made by the LL Duff Fund Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee.
Members of the LL Duff Fund Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee are not eligible for awards or to apply for funds during the time of their service on the Advisory Committee. If an immediate family member of a LL Duff Fund Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee applies for an award, the Committee member will recuse himself/herself from decision making on that year’s awards.
The application deadlines will be established and publicized each year to be on a Friday approximately 3-4 months from the trip date(s). Deadline for 2016 trips is MARCH 4, 2016.
Selection Process

All applicants will complete an application and provide their most recent resume and college transcript. Two letters of recommendation from faculty members, or one faculty member and an employer, pastor, or director of a community involvement activity are required. The application is to include an approximately 250 word essay about how the award will help the applicant in pursuit of their nutrition education, their desire to become further involved in WGC, and any personal circumstances the applicant feels the LL Duff Advisory Committee should be aware of.

The LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee will select the most worthy candidate(s), based on the application materials. The Advisory Committee will use a system of objective and subjective evaluation to assess and prioritize the applications. They may choose to interview candidates or their references in order to gather more information.
The objective evaluation will consider grades; the quality of the essay; church, school, work, and/or community involvement; and the quality of the recommendation letters.
The final decisions for awards rests with the LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee guided by this document, knowledge of the applicants, assessment of the application package, number of applications, and available funds.
Making the Award(s)

Award payment is contingent on completion of all required forms and documentation necessary for immersion trip travel.

The award will be paid to the award recipient as a reimbursable award. The LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee will make special arrangements if the volunteer cannot pay required deposits without first receiving the award.
The award will be presented by WOMEN’S GLOBAL CONNECTION two months prior to the immersion trip for which it is awarded. Award recipients agree to allow photos and information to be dispersed to the WGC community and the Nutrition program. Award recipients will speak to the WGC and Nutrition program communities about the impact of the travel award to their personal and professional development.


Changes to any of the parameters of this document may be recommended by the LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee or WGC Staff and must be approved by the Finance Committee.

The LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee consists of 5 members – two full time Nutrition faculty, at least one of whom is the current teacher of the World Nutrition class; along with the current three members of the Ettling Hayes Immersion Trip Fund. The other Nutrition faculty member will be a faculty member involved with WGC or other outreach projects, as selected by consultation between WGC’s Executive Director and the Chair of the Nutrition Department.
The Chair of the LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund Advisory Committee will be chosen by WGC’s Executive Director and other leadership members of the WGC staff.
It is expected that this document lays out the initial parameters of the WOMEN’S GLOBAL CONNECTION LL Duff Nutrition Trip Fund and will be a working, evolving document requiring some changes (with appropriate approvals) as we begin to experience the application process, application review, and selection of applicants.
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Lisa Uribe, Executive Director

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May 2015

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