Liliaceae sensu lato in Thailand

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Liliaceae sensu lato in Thailand
Minoru N. Tamura

Department of Botany, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Liliaceae sensu lato were the forth largest family in the monocots. However, the family was subdivided into smaller families based on the recent molecular phylogenetic results.

   At the present stage, I recognize 23 genera in the Liliaceae sensu lato in Thailand. They are Petrosavia, Veratrum, Daiswa, Smilax, Heterosmilax, Lilium, Disporum, Iphigenia, Gloriosa, Dianella, Urginea, Thysanotus, Chlorophytum, Asparagus, Dracaena, Polygonatum, Disporopsis, Theropogon, Rohdea (=Campylandra), Tupistra (=Tricalistra), Aspidistra, Ophiopogon and Peliosanthes.

   This time, I would like to present the results of taxonomic studies on Liliaceae sensu lato in Thailand, including the findings of new species and the species that were newly found from Thailand (Chlorophytum, Peliosanthes, etc.). 

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